Air Oasis 3000 G3 Features

Simple Operation

The Air Oasis 3000 G3 is simple to operate. The device turns on with the flip of a single switch. There are no complicated multiple settings to learn.

Dual Proprietary Technologies

AHPCO Technology Developed by NASA

The proprietary patent-pending Air Oasis AHPCO catalyst is superior to any PCO catalyst currently on the market. The AHPCO catalyst contains six rare catalyst metals. We also incorporate nano size particles and special hydrating agents to increase the kinetic rate of reaction providing clean air fast!

This breakthrough technology, originally developed by NASA, does not rely on filters and is virtually maintenance free. In fact, in many circumstances our AHPCO technology reduces contaminants more efficiently than a HEPA filter without the high cost of replacing filters on a regular basis.

Germicidal UVC Light

Our proprietary LongLife+™ technology is a specialty coating applied to all of our germicidal lamp products, eliminating the common problem of accelerated depreciation associated with higher intensity lamps.

A standard quartz lamp maintains 65% of its UVC output at 9,000 hours. By utilizing our LongLife+™ technology, our UVC lamps maintain up to 80% of their output at 16,000 hours.

Virtually Maintenance Free

  •   no routine maintenance to perform
  •   no filters to change or clean
  •   audible alarm indicates when it's time to replace the AHPCO Cell (AHPCO Cell only needs replaceing every three years)

Power Source

  •   12VDC wall adapter (can be used overseas)
  •   meets domestic and international standards


  •   up to 3000 sq. ft.*


  •   whisper quiet operation

Low Maintenance

  •   zero maintenance for 3 years

Durable Construction

  •   1/8" thick brushed metal housing, not a faux finish
  •   internal metal components ensure long term use
  •   made in the USA


*multiple units may be needed in areas of higher contamination