Air Oasis nano HCT 9" Induct Features

Simple Operation

The nano HCT 9" Induct installs in less than 15 minutes, connecting to a standard 110VAC - 240VAC electrical outlet or hardwired to a 24VAC power source. Once installed and plugged in it's busy cleansing your air 24 hours a day.

Three Technologies

AHPCO Technology Developed by NASA

The proprietary patent-pending Air Oasis AHPCO catalyst is superior to any PCO catalyst currently on the market. The AHPCO catalyst contains six rare catalyst metals. We also incorporate nano size particles and special hydrating agents to increase the kinetic rate of reaction providing clean air fast!

This breakthrough technology, originally developed by NASA, does not rely on filters and is virtually maintenance free. In fact, in many circumstances our AHPCO technology reduces contaminants more efficiently than a HEPA filter without the high cost of replacing filters on a regular basis.

Germicidal UVC Light

Our proprietary LongLife+™ technology is a specialty coating applied to all of our germicidal lamp products, eliminating the common problem of accelerated depreciation associated with higher intensity lamps.

A standard quartz lamp maintains 65% of its UVC output at 9,000 hours. By utilizing our LongLife+™ technology, our UVC lamps maintain up to 80% of their output at 16,000 hours.

Rotational UV Shield Technology

Since UV lamps were first introduced in the HVAC industry, technicians shared one common complaint: UV light can degrade many of the materials used within an HVAC system causing premature system failure.

Air Oasis created the perfect solution. With the development of our proprietary Rotational UV Shield, you control how little or how much UV light is emitted from the unit and where the UV light is targeted, while allowing for a constant stream of air to pass through the AHPCO Cell for treatment.

Virtually Maintenance Free

  •   no routine maintenance to perform
  •   no filters to change or clean
  •   AHPCO Cell only needs replacing every two years

Indicator Lights

  •   indicator lights provide specific information about the operating status
  •   indicates when the AHPCO cell is ready for replacement

Power Source

  •   26VDC power adapter (included in price)
    •   100 - 240 VAC input
    •   interchangeable power cord for global applications
  •   optional 24 VAC Internal HVAC Power Source Wiring


  •   areas up to 3000 square feet*

Durable Construction

  •   anodized aluminum UV shields surrounding UV lamp
  •   polycarbonate housing that is VO fire rated and UV stabilized
  •   made In The USA


*multiple units may be needed in areas of higher contamination