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Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof team have negotiated the most aggressive discounts we’ve ever offered on a promotion like this. We hope you have had a chance to test your Indoor Air Quality using the petri dish test kit included in your Box. We’d love for you to use your 2nd petri dish after installing one of the Air Oasis Hypoallergenic Air units to prove for yourself how we sanitize your air so effectively.

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Buying 1: 25% off – Code: bulletproofbox Buying 2: 30% off – Code: bulletproofbox2 Buying 3: 35% off – Code: bulletproofbox3 Buying 4: 40% off – Code: bulletproofbox4 Buying 5: 45% off – Code: bulletproofbox5 6 or more: 50% off – Code: bulletproofbox6

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Every unit includes our proprietary AHPCO technology that sanitizes the air and surfaces.