Air Oasis Product Performance Results

Studies conducted by Dr. Nabarun Ghosh at West Texas A&M University.

aeroallergen reductions

Reduction of aeroallergens at 24, 48 and 72 hours using the AO3000 Xtreme.

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Microbe reductions

Reductions of mold, bacteria and fungus after 24, 48 and 72 hours using the AO3000 Xtreme.
Tests were conducted at variable distances from the air purifier.

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Xtreme VOC reductions

Reduction of VOCs in one hour using the AO3000Xtreme.

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Reduction of MRSA on surfaces at 24, 48 and 72 hours using the AO Room air purifier and Induct 9.

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Induct VOC reductions

Reduction of VOCs in animal clinic while using the nano Induct 9.

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Mobile mold chart

Reduction of mold in animal clinic while using the Mobile 175.

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Mobile VOC chart

Reduction of VOCs in animal clinic while using the Mobile 175.

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Case Study 1: A cheese factory in Italy recently saw reductions of bacteria (91.67%), molds & yeast (67.18%) in the air, and bacteria (70.27%), molds (92.13%) and yeast (94.57%) on cheese surfaces.

Case Study 2: A multi-billion dollar Meat Processor recently conducted a test which found 30% reductions of Aerobic Colony Count (ACC) on hard to reach raw meat surfaces (femur, aitch bone, etc.), and 69- 90% on easier to reach raw meat surfaces.

Case Study 3: A Grocery chain with over 150 locations found that Air Oasis proved to be far more effective than only using bleach, with 99.99% reductions of bacteria on all 5 tested surfaces.

Case Study 4: CMA's Multi-Containment Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Report: Over the course of 3 hours, the Nano Induct maintained a 0.000 ppmv of O3 while dramatically reducing Total Bacteria Count (TBC) by 82.7%, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) by greater than 99%, formaldehyde (HCHO) by 98.5%, Respiratory Suspended Particulate (RSP) by 35.5%, Ammonia (NH3) by 73.3%, and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) by greater than 97%.

Case Study 5: Acoustics and Air Testing Laboratory's HCHO and TVOC Miramar Shopping Center (Hong Kong) test: Air Oasis reduced HCHO by 44% and TVOC by 54% qualifying for “excellent” IAQ classification.

Case Study 6: Coulter Animal Hospital Mold Reduction Study: West Texas A&M University conducted a study which showed 65.71% reduction in mold growth on the petri-dishes and 68.1% reduction in bacterial concentration (majority conidia and hyphae from Alternaria, spores from Dreschlera, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys chartarum).

Case Study 7: LAWN Environmental Protection Ltd's analysis of IAQ of Buses: Air samples after using Air Oasis now qualified for Excellent Air Quality for HCHO (46-77.5% reductions) and TVOC (66-82% reductions). Bacteria control was Excellent prior to the trial but still saw 22% reductions.

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