Team up with us to help your clientele and you save money on


Team up with us to help your clientele and you save money on

We seek healthcare and wellness professionals, indoor air quality experts, HVAC contractors, and influencers as our ambassadors. There is no up-front cost, and the set-up is easy. Each ambassador receives a unique URL for use on their website, social media, blogs, and print collateral.

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    Just fill out our simple form and we’ll see how you’ll fit into our ambassador network.

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    Once approved, you’ll receive a unique URL for sharing with your contacts right away – by email, social media, your website, or on printed collateral.

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    When customers come to our website via your unique link, you’ll earn 7% and they will also receive a 10% discount. We electronically deposit funds into your account each month.

Ready. Set. Refer and Earn.

Click the Enroll Now button to enter your information and be considered as our next Air Oasis Ambassador.

  • How do I get credit for sales?

    Our technology solution tracks your unique URL, along with other data, to ensure you receive credit for your referrals.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

    We have not set any limits on commissions earned.

  • For how long do my referrals last?

    The referral lasts for 365 days. All sales from that contact within 365 days generate discounts for them and commissions for you.

  • What if my contact goes directly to without using my unique URL link?

    Your contact must use your unique referral link-URL to access our website as their first step. Once the first step is completed using your referral link, your referred contact will generate credit for you from their other devices as well using additional data points.

  • How long does it take to get paid after my referrals purchase from Air Oasis?

    We pay commissions on or about the 7th of each month for sales in the prior month that have made it past the 30-day return window. We have a 30-day return policy and do not pay commissions on returned items, so we must wait to pay commission until 30 days have passed.

  • How do I track my rewards?

    Upon your approval as an Air Oasis Ambassador, you will receive a welcome email with credentials to log in to your ambassador portal. The portal has detailed information about sales transactions, your payments, and more.

  • What types of businesses make effective Air Oasis Ambassadors?

    We find that business owners with direct access to groups of people in need of purification products make great ambassadors. For example, healthcare professionals consulting with patients with illnesses requiring clean indoor air can direct them to our products.