Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND

Dr. Jeff Bennert is a co-founder of Air Oasis and a board-certified naturopathic doctor. In addition to his role as a board member of Air Oasis, Dr. Bennert has been in leadership and consulting roles with various health-related organizations and businesses. Dr. Bennert is actively involved in his local business community as well as national industry-related organizations. He is a proud father and grandfather, and he considers himself fortunate to be able to work alongside and mentor multiple generations of Bennerts at Air Oasis. Dr. Bennert and his wife reside in Amarillo, Texas.

dentist with patient

Dental Office Air Purifiers

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / May 7, 2020 /

Viruses, bacteria, chemicals, microbes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and your mouth is open? Dental offices can be a significant source of contaminants, irritants and unwanted particles that can impair your health and well-being. Increasingly, dentist offices have identified an urgent need to address indoor air quality, particularly as they consider reopening for business in the…

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nano Induct with text "UV Light is at the heart of what we do"

Can UV Light Kill Viruses?

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / April 29, 2020 /

A conversation has started around the use of ultraviolet light to treat COVID-19. The primary source of this is known as Healight. This experimental treatment could have applications for coronavirus. After a bioscience company called Aytu signed a global license with Cedars-Sinai, politicians, researchers, reporters and the public have become intrigued with the idea that…

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Air Purifiers Support Health & Immunity

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / April 28, 2020 /

Now more than ever, COVID-19 has motivated families nationwide to be diligent about hygiene, take supplements, get more sleep and do other immune-boosting activities. Being immuno-compromised puts you at greater risk for illnesses like the coronavirus. You can keep your immune system strong by paying attention to what you put in your body and what…

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Improve Sleep With an Air Purifier

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / April 28, 2020 /

Rest. Real, deep, REM. The kind that has you waking up refreshed and ready to face the day. Sound like a distant memory? If you aren’t getting the right kind of sleep, it can negatively impact your mood and mindset. Poor sleep can lead to all kinds of health issues. Plus, it’s deeply frustrating.

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True Story: Air Purifiers for CIRS

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / March 23, 2020 /

Air Oasis serves a variety of clients, some of whom use our air purifiers for specific conditions. This is a true story from Jennifer Hale*, a customer from Illinois, who has used iAdaptAir® air purifiers in both her home and workplace to address numerous chronic conditions. She and her family have been amazed at the…

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mother with her child sitting in bay window

Ionic Air Purifiers And COVID-19

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / March 12, 2020 /

This week the World Health Organization labeled COVID-19 a global pandemic. There are many things we don’t know and a few things that medical professionals and officials do know. For people who are uniquely at risk, this virus is of even greater concern.

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Air Purifiers for Seasonal Allergies

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / February 19, 2020 /

Sneezing, wheezing, red eyes and more, the discomfort of seasonal allergies can sneak up and wreak havoc on your well-being. Whether you’re used to the yearly onslaught of unwelcome symptoms or are brand-new to the frustrating experience, there are ways to alleviate the pain.

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Dog and cat in grass

Fido, Whiskers, and Air Quality

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / February 12, 2020 /

At a time when it seems people don’t agree on much, it’s heartening to find something that brings us together. We love our pets! A whopping 67 percent of American households own a pet. Whether you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person, your furry (or feathered) friend is part of the family.

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How Best to Protect Yourself From a Virus

How Best to Protect Yourself From a Virus

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / February 6, 2020 /

Every few years it happens. A new virus emerges somewhere, it’s all over the news, and we all nervously pay close attention. In 2002 it was SARS, then the H5N1 bird flu in 2004, swine flu in 2009, MERS in 2012, and Zika in 2015. It’s happening again right now with the recent outbreak of…

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green house plants in pots

10 Air-Purifying Plants for Your Home

By Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND / September 4, 2019 /

Poor indoor air quality can lead to a host of health problems. A variety of chemicals affect the quality of your indoor air, such as carbon monoxide, ozone, radon, and volatile organic compounds.

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