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Is Air Purification Snake Oil or a Legitimate Concern?

Is Air Purification Snake Oil or a Legitimate Concern

We often think of our homes as a safe haven, shielding us from the outside world. Most people take the air they breathe at home or at the office for granted. But more often than not – even with the many fumes produced from factories and cars – your indoor…

Brad Baxter on June 12, 2018

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Do I Need an Air Purifier?

Do-I-Need-an-Air-Purifier -featured image

Have you ever wondered about the quality of air that you breathe? In some cases, using an air purifier is a near requirement for health reasons, but in others, individuals may simply be looking to improve the quality of the air they breathe. How do you know if you need…

Air Oasis on May 9, 2018

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The HVAC Technician’s Guide to Recommending Air Purifiers

Hvac technician installing air puriifer

Talking with your customers about their heating and cooling issues is likely something you do on a daily basis. After all, customers come to you for your expertise and trust that you will be able to identify, and resolve, any problems with their heating or cooling system in a cost-effective…

Brad Baxter on March 27, 2018

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The Harmful Effects of Mold & How to Test Your Air Quality


Mold, like other fungi, plays a large ecological role, breaking down organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees. This function helps to “clean up” the outside world. These functions are great when outside, but without the unmatched ventilation of open air your home can be a breeding ground…

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on March 8, 2018

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How Do Filterless Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality?


The average person spends roughly 90% of their time indoors, leaving only 10% of our time to breathe in relatively clean outdoor air. For as often as we breathe the air in our homes and offices, it would greatly benefit us to take steps toward improving our indoor air quality….

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on March 1, 2018

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How to Introduce Indoor Air Quality to Your Customers

HVAC installer high-fiving homeowner

Many HVAC companies offer maintenance programs in which HVAC technicians visit their customers’ homes before the summer and winter months to make sure systems are working properly. With these programs, technicians will also change their customers’ filters, check their furnaces and possibly perform some light cleaning.

Brad Baxter on February 15, 2018

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Air Purifiers and the Delta Variant

Image of a coronavirus
By mid-March of 2020, many Americans realized that COVID-19 was going to change life as we knew it. As states issued stay-at-home orders and cities locked down, many people volleyed their predictions across the internet: this could last weeks, even months. Now, those early predictions feel remote, as we’ve all lived through the pandemic and...
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Ionic Air Purifier versus HEPA

iAdaptAir HEPA Purifers - Small, Medium and Large
Amid wildfires, COVID-19 and rapid expansion of public and private infrastructure, ensuring indoor air quality has never been more important. Data shows that there’s a surging demand for air purifiers, not just for in-home use, but also for industrial and commercial spaces. In fact, a recent analysis suggests that commercial air purifiers will account for...
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Back to School Indoor Air Quality

TEacher wearing mask handing work back to primary school student
For many parents preparing to send their kids off to start a new grade, the 2021 school year comes with mixed emotions. After a year in quarantine, a brief return to the “before-times” and the ever-growing threat of another lockdown, it’s safe to say both parents and children have been through a lot. As Delta variant...
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What You Need to Know About Wildfire Smoke & Your Health

Wildfire burning and smoke in neighbourhood
Regardless of the underlying causes and changes in climate, one thing is tragic and true: the western United States is on fire. As record heat waves and severe drought set the scene for another brutal year of wildfires in the western United States, people all across the country — even on the East Coast —...
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Effects of Air Quality in the Workplace

employees at a conference table in the workplace
If it seems like Americans work a lot, it’s because they do. According to the International Labor Organization, Americans work the longest hours among industrialized countries. Whether it’s culture-related, a byproduct of capitalism or something else entirely, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Although multiple regulatory bodies ensure basic clean air laws in each state, many...
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Best Air Purifier for Pets: Dealing With Kennel Cough & More

Dog looking out window - featured image
For many families across the US, this time of year is vacation season. Parents and children load up the SUV and take off for their favorite warm-weather destinations, ready for quality time and relaxation before the school year begins again. However, not everyone in the family is invited — many vacationers opt to leave their...
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State by State Clean Air Laws and Statutes

Image of blue sky with white cumulus clouds
The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated many lifestyle changes, including wearing masks, social distancing and choosing outdoor activities over indoor ones. Many people took these precautions in an effort to avoid the virus and ended up avoiding the cold and flu season, too. At a time with increased emphasis on indoor air quality, Air Oasis is proud...
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Safe Vacations & Celebrations: Air Quality in Summer

Family sitting on sandy beach
For many families, summer means more outdoor playtime, more picnics with BBQ and more fresh air in general. The ability to comfortably meet up with friends and family in outdoor spaces is a much-appreciated reprieve from the past year in quarantine. However, outdoor air doesn’t always equal clean air, which is why it’s important to...
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School’s Out: Summer Camp Safety 2021

Kids at camp running in forest with sun shining behind them
For many school-age kids, summer is synonymous with summer camp, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, experts say camp helps kids develop the social, emotional and cognitive skills that will carry them into adulthood. But after more than a year of COVID-19, this year’s summer camps come with unique safety concerns. Luckily, Air Oasis...
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FDA Cleared Air Purifier: What Does This Designation Mean?

FDA Cleared Air Purifier: What Does This Designation Mean?
Everyone, everywhere is looking for full-scale, long-term defenses against illness. With the lingering impacts of a global pandemic, we are all acutely aware of the risks of spreading sickness, and the responsibilities to protect our homes, schools and businesses. Chances are, most of us have a well-worn path to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...
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