Sanitizing Airborne Germs

When it comes to germs, you likely take great strides to keep your home as clean as possible. Generally, people want to protect themselves and their families from the negative effects of airborne germs. These germs are everywhere, including in the air that we breathe and on items that we touch. One sure way to fight these germs is with the use of a germicidal air purifier. At Air Oasis, you’ll find that we offer a selection of air purifiers. Our air sanitizers go a step beyond traditional air purifiers by sanitizing surfaces and creating a clean and healthy environment.

When it comes to germs, there is a lot to be worried about. These tiny organisms can be found all over the world in every environment, including commercial and residential settings both indoors and outdoors. There are four main types of germs to worry about: bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi. In buildings such as your home, you’ll most commonly find that common airborne germs are viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Some germs, like bacteria, may easily survive and reproduce outside of the human body. These germs can then be on surfaces around the home and in the air waiting to make someone sick. Viruses, on the other hand, require a host to survive and won’t live long outside of the body. However, some viruses can live for a short time on surfaces that we frequently touch and can make someone sick when they come into contact with them. Without an air sterilizer or purifier to properly kill these germs, they can enter your body and cause a number of health problems, such as colds, the flu, diarrhea, or other viral diseases. An air sanitizer can help to clean the air and surfaces such as doorknobs by killing harmful bacteria and viruses before they can cause problems.

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Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are also a problem that affects the quality of indoor air. VOCs are carbon-based chemicals that may or may not have an odor and evaporate at room temperature. VOCs are released as chemical gases and include formaldehyde and benzene. These gases are released by carpets, vinyl flooring, paints, and upholstery fabrics. We are also subject to VOCs from air fresheners, cosmetics, cooking, wood-burning stoves, and smoking. As VOCs come from so many different things, it is little surprise that they have a great impact on the air. A VOC air purifier will help to eliminate the amount of VOCs in the air. Without the use of a VOC air purifier, you may suffer from problems such as irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, increased asthma symptoms, and headaches. Following long-term exposure to VOCs without the benefit of a UV light air purifier, you may experience chronic and deadly problems that include damage to your liver, kidneys, or central nervous system or cancer.

Our air purifiers are so effective at eliminating germs and other potentially harmful indoor air pollutants because of the advanced level of technology that we use. Each air sanitizer uses AHPCO technology. This is technology that was originally designed by NASA for use in the space program. We at Air Oasis have perfected this technology and created our air purifier, which is a type of UV-C air sanitizer. With this technology, the UV-C lamp found in our sanitizers kills any germs that pass through the UV light. The UV-C lamp also works with the AHPCO catalyst to create catalytic molecules that destroy carbon-based pathogens such as germs.

The destruction of airborne germs is a great reason to purchase one or more of our air purifiers. Successfully reducing the number of germs in the air that we breathe provides us with the best indoor air quality (IAQ) for good health. Clean indoor air is ideal for everyone; particularly, it is best for people who are susceptible to serious illness from exposure to germs and other allergens in the air. Contact us today for support or if you have any questions about how our air purifiers kill germs and remove VOCs or any other indoor allergens.