Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

When choosing an air purification system to improve the indoor air quality for your residential or commercial zone, it can be difficult to determine which purifier will work for you. After all, there are a number of options to buy.

One of the best air purifiers you might want to look into is the ultraviolet air purifier. UV air purifiers are a relatively new form of purification technology. These air purifiers are intended to improve the quality of your air tremendously by removing harmful contaminants. What differentiates an air purifier with UV light from a regular air purification system is that they remove these contaminants without any sort of filtration system. Instead, they use ultraviolet light rays to incinerate the bacteria as it passes through.

Another pro for UV air purifiers is that they are more energy-efficient than their filtered counterparts. While traditional air purification systems have a constant flow of air to filter, an air purifier with UV light from Air Oasis does not; therefore, you don’t have to worry about dust particles or bacteria collecting in or near the purifier. This cuts down the amount of energy needed for the technology to function and the risk of further contamination of the area if you neglect to change the filter. These ultraviolet air purification systems are also great for helping people who suffer from allergies, lung issues, or asthma.

If you are considering purchasing an ultraviolet air purifier, you will have to purchase new ultraviolet light bulbs at least once every couple of years because, over time, they will lose their effectiveness and wear out. Also, even though UV air purification systems filter out the majority of contaminants in the air, they don’t completely eliminate every potentially harmful particle. It is best to have filtration systems working with an ultraviolet air purifier for optimal results overall.

Which Air Purifier is
Right For You?

When choosing an air purification system, make sure to look for a purifier that can cover a decent amount of space in your home and is relatively quiet. Good, quality purifiers can be recognized by these characteristics. Also, don’t be willing to settle for a cheap air purifier. Some air purifiers can be quite pricey, but the technology is much more advanced than that in cheaper items. This is especially important to remember if you or someone you live with suffers from any types of diseases or disorders that affect the respiratory system. It is unwise to take a chance with someone’s health, so don’t skimp on a quality purification system if that is an issue.

Our great air purifiers include both portable and whole-house units. These are among the best UV air purifier models on the market. This air purification system can be installed in less than 15 minutes and can be connected via a standard outlet in your home. After you install this air purifier, it will run 24 hours a day.

This air purification system includes three different technologies that make it run efficiently. The first is the NASA-developed AHPCO technology. This technology is considered superior to other basic PCO catalysts because this one is made up of six very rare catalyst metals. Our company also incorporates the use of nano-sized particles and hydrating agents that help increase the kinetic rate, which will provide you with clean air quickly. What’s great about this technology is that it doesn’t rely on filters; therefore, it is practically free of maintenance upkeep from the consumer.

The second technology this product is composed of is a Long Life+ germicidal UVC light. This Long Life+ technology is a coating that is applied to our UV germicidal air purifier lamps, which eliminates the issue of depreciation that is usually associated with high-intensity lamps. For comparison purposes, a standard quartz lamp will usually maintain about 65% of the UVC output at 9,000 hours. With this technology, our UVC lamps can maintain 80% of their output at 16,000 hours. This makes our UV germicidal air purifier technology superior to others.

The third technology associated with this product is rotational UV shield technology. With the development of our rotational UV shield, the consumer can have complete control over how much or little UV light is emitted from the unit and where the UV light will be targeted while simultaneously allowing a steady stream of air to pass through for treatment. This technology contributes tremendously to our product, the best UV air purifier you can find.