Bi-Polar Ionization

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Ionic Air Purifiers

mother reading with kids in a living room with an air purifier

Ionic Air Purifiers Ionization itself is a 100-year old technology. When applied to air purification, ions interact with and deactivate contaminants such as viruses & bacteria, mold, allergens, VOCs, and odors creating a healthier living environment to improve well-being. Ionic Air Purifiers Ionization itself is a 100-year old technology. When applied…

Air Oasis on March 25, 2021

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Air Purifiers for Daycares and Nurseries

Air Purifiers for Daycares and Nurseries

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, one essential service that couldn’t close was daycare. Even the nurseries that closed for a few weeks quickly reopened so that parents could go back to work. Without this, the economy would be worse off, with many parents simply unable to both care for young children…

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on September 18, 2020

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West Coast Wildfires and Air Purifiers

West Coast WIldfires and Air Purifiers

CA Wildfires and Air PurifiersFor weeks now, the western United States has been battling a record-breaking wildfire season. Uncontained wildfires are wreaking havoc, having already destroyed more than 3,000 homes and killed over a dozen people. In Oregon, the wildfires have driven over half a million people from their homes…

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on September 11, 2020

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How Ionization Addresses Smoke

How Ionization Addresses Smoke

Even though it’s less common than it used to be, there are still plenty of people who smoke. Smoke (or vaped) particles impact outdoor and indoor air quality. Particles from combustible cigarettes or vape pens can fill the air with toxic gaseous pollutants. Ash particles don’t just dissolve into the…

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on August 22, 2020

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Back to School: Clean Air & Student Health

two young children going back to school

Like most parents, the “are they going/are they not going” dance is borderline excruciating. Wondering whether my six year old can hack a year of virtual learning has been a challenge. At the end of the day: he can’t. And schools are making every effort to receive and engage with…

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on August 20, 2020

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The Importance of IAQ in the Recovery

fatehr and young child

People are spending more time indoors and at home. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in varying degrees worldwide and locally, indoor air quality (IAQ) is important to keep in mind. Families are together in an enclosed space for most of the hours of the day and night. How good is…

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PH.D., BCND on July 30, 2020

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Ionic Air Purifier vs HEPA or Carbon Purifiers – What Is Best For You?

Ionic Air Purifier vs HEPA or Carbon Purifiers
Ionic and HEPA air purifiers are both very common solutions to many homeowners’ indoor air quality concerns. Both are designed to improve air quality, but do so in very different ways. This means that both types of air purifiers are better at cleaning different aspects of your air.

How Do Filterless Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality?

The average person spends roughly 90% of their time indoors, leaving only 10% of our time to breathe in relatively clean outdoor air. For as often as we breathe the air in our homes and offices, it would greatly benefit us to take steps toward improving our indoor air quality. Filterless air purifiers are an...

Air Ionizers 101: Which Purifier Technologies to Consider

Indoor air quality has a significant impact on our health, and in many cases, we need to install an air purifier into our heating/cooling systems in order to help clean the air in our homes. Historically these purifiers have relied heavily on expensive, frequently-replaced HEPA furnace filters to physically remove allergens and toxins from the...

Can Local Air Purifiers Replace Whole Home Technologies?

hVAC technician adjusting HVAC valves
HVAC customers depend on you to you to help them maintain healthy, optimal airflow in their homes and often turn to you to provide recommendations on different air purification products and systems. However, whether it’s for whole home air purifiers or portable systems, navigating and understanding the various air purification systems on the market can be...