Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For a multiple floor home is it better to get a unit for each floor and if so why is it better?
Multiple small units always cover entire home more adequately than a single large unit no matter how many floors the home has. The alternative is to install an induct unit in your central heat and air to cover the entire home.

Should I place a unit in my basement or will my unit upstairs cover my basement too?
Your basement needs it’s own unit unless you are using an induct unit and your basement is heated and cooled by the HVAC system.

Why is your technology better than other air purifiers on the market?
Our units utilize our proprietary NASA developed PCO nano technology. They do not require high, costly maintenance (like changing filters), low energy consumption, aluminum housing, sanitizes surfaces as well as the air, made in the USA, and documented independent studies are provided.

Why do the mobile units use a filter when your other units do not require them. How often do you need to replace or wash the filter?
The filters capture larger particles, such as dust, that is more prevalent in cars and other vehicles. You need to check the filter annually and clean it as particles begin to accumulate.

Is the mercury in the UV lamp emitted into the air?
No, the lamps contain very little mercury and remains inside the lamp. UV lamps should be disposed of properly. Find disposal centers in your area at www.earth911.org.

How much mercury is in the UV lamp?
Less than 5 mg per lamp.

What are the differences in the colored spots on the air test and what do they mean?
The gel contains a chemical that will stain bacteria red. Fuzzy spots indicate a type of mold. The test kits are for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose a mold or bacteria problem or differentiate between different types of mold or bacteria.

Will my unit work properly with my windows open?
The unit will work with a window open. In fact if you open a window on the opposite side of the house from the unit it will help pull the ions through the house. If all windows are open however the unit will work less effectively. This happens because the ions are being pulled outside and mold and other contaminants are being pulled inside your home.

Why is there only a one year warranty on the mobile instead of a 3 year warranty like your other units?
The Mobile unit is designed to be “on the go” in cars, boats, RVs, hotel rooms etc. making it more susceptible to abuse. Therefore, in order to keep the unit at an affordable price we only apply a one year warranty to them.

Why do the mobile units have 3 fan speeds and 3 ion settings and the other units do not?
They were designed this way because they are used in smaller areas like a car and you may not require the full force of the unit in smaller vehicles. You should always run the Mobile on high when there are higher contaminant levels, like smoking.