A Guide to Air and Radiation

Authored by Dr. Jeff Bennert

Over the past several decades a number of environmental problems have started to crop up. With the problems of pollution, climate change, acid rain and smog in our cities, the air that we breathe now has the potential to do us harm. So, what can we do to lead a more healthy life?

Fighting the causes of pollution and radiation is the best course of action. On a worldwide basis, it is a very difficult fight to erase these causes. However, if everyone does a small part, such as walking or ride a bike instead of taking a car, use less natural resources, or many other ways to save the environment, you can do your part to stop this problem. While this is a problem that will not go away overnight, it is something that we can all help improve the situation.

To learn more about the typical problems we face everyday, we have put together a number of useful air related resources. Please review the information and feel free to pass this article along to others that are concerned with the air quality and the environment.

Acid Rain

Climate Change

Indoor Air Quality




Vehicle Pollution