Indoor Air Pollution and Potential Health Issues

Authored by Dr. Jeff Bennert

In our everyday life we encounter a wide variety of things in the environment that can be hazardous to both humans and animals. Many environmental issues are created naturally and really can’t be avoided. However, several others are man-made and can be avoided or controlled by people. These are usually described as the causes of indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common causes of environmental illnesses among people. On a daily basis people deal with indoor pollutants that come from our cooking and heating systems. They can be in the form of tobacco smoke, radon, carbon monoxide, asbestos and a variety of other dangers to our health. These are all problems which need to be addressed in order to live a healthy lives in your home or business.

The problems associated with indoor air pollution can be serious if they go on unchecked. Serious heath issues such as Pneumonia, Heart Disease, Lung Cancer and Stroke to name a few, can all arise from unhealthy air in the home or your business. These are all serious heath concerns the need to be checked as soon as possible.

Learning about indoor air pollution is one of the main keys to preventing it from being a problem. To help educate consumers about these potential problem areas, we have collected a number of helpful web sites. All of these have information abut indoor air pollution, the causes, pollutants as well as some ways we can prevent this from being a serious heath issue.

We hope this information has been helpful. Please share this information with others who may need to learn about the health problems of indoor air pollution.