Ozone Free Air Purifiers

An Air Oasis no-ozone air purifier system provides indoor air quality solutions for your home or business. We offer some of the very best air quality products available in the industry and an assortment of replacement parts so that your unit will always work as it should. Our systems are designed to reduce the amount of impurities and contaminants in the air and eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors. Our high-tech units have helped to revolutionize the way that many people sanitize the air that they breathe.

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor air quality is important because it cleanses the air that we breathe and helps to decrease the amount of harmful germs and bacteria in the air so that viruses are less likely to spread. Breathing high-quality air is important for overall good health. Many people spend a large amount of their time indoors at home, at the office, or in school, where gases, chemicals, and other pollutants are present. These contaminants can often cause people to have health issues such as eye irritation, headaches, allergies, and fatigue. You can easily improve the quality of the air in your home using products such as our no-ozone air purifier.

The Air Oasis Bi-Polar System

The Air Oasis Bi-Polar system is one of the best ozone-free air purifier systems. It easily installs into practically any type of air conditioner to provide you with cleaner, cooler air. It works by creating cold plasma discharge, which is made up of both positive and negative ions from water vapor in the air. The ions attach to particles and allergens like dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander and successfully remove them from the air by trapping them inside filters.

These clusters of positive and negative ions attack foul odors and harmful VOCs and convert them into harmless atmospheric gases like water vapor, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Static electricity can also be neutralized with the use of our air purifier.

Ozone-Free Purifiers for Commercial or At-Home Use

At Air Oasis, we offer a range of commercial and residential Air Sanifiers® that will meet your own professional or at-home needs. If you have allergy sufferers at home, they could greatly benefit from the use of our products. When placed in office buildings and other facilities, our Air Sanifiers® can also help to decrease the amount of sick days that your employees take, since there will be fewer germs and contaminants in the air.

When you use an air purifier, ozone-free systems like the Bi-Polar unit can easily reduce all types of carbon-based contaminants and leave you with fresh, clean-smelling air in a matter of minutes. Carbon-based contaminants include mold, bacteria, viruses, foul odors, and volatile organic compounds. Using AHPCO technology developed by NASA, our Air Oasis low-ozone and non-ozone air purifier systems are able to cleanse the air quickly so that you can breathe easier. Because of this, our products are some of the best low-ozone and ozone-free air purifier systems you can buy today.

We also offer portable units that are popular among our residential customers. Our mobile Air Sanifiers® go where you go so that you may be able to enjoy clean, crisp air no matter where you go. Place it in your car to eliminate smoke odors, pet dander, and bacteria in your vehicle. These air purifiers include a DC adapter so that you may plug it into your car, truck, or RV. You can also place it inside your bedroom, bathroom, utility room, kitchen, or any place in your home that requires fresher, cleaner air. The portable non-ozone air purifier systems can clean air in areas up to 175 square feet.

About Air Oasis

At Air Oasis, we make premium-quality products for our customers, their families, and their employees. Our Air Sanifiers® are hand-assembled in our factory located in Amarillo, TX, and thoroughly inspected to meet our quality standards. This process helps to guarantee that each and every Air Oasis customer receives the most reliable product possible.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA; that includes all replacement parts and filters. We not only assemble our products in our Texas facilities, but we also fabricate many of the air quality components that we sell in-house. This allows us to have control over the quality inspection process so that you, the customer, will always have a reliable product.

The quality assurance department works hard toward perfection with everything we do here at Air Oasis. They strive to review and carefully modify our quality management system on a routine basis in order to make sure that we are consistently maintaining and improving the quality put into each piece of our units.

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