iAdaptAir purifiers

iAdaptAir Purifier

Quietly Reduce Harmful Contaminants. Doctor recommended as the Best Option for Biotoxin Illness and Water-damaged Buildings.

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Designed for Water-damaged Buildings and Biotoxins

Sterilizes and helps remove these sources of chronic illnesses.



Ozone-free bi-polar ionization, UV light, and a silver ion screen sterilize airborne and surface actinobacteria. The medical grade HEPA filter traps airborne actino spores, removing them from your air.



Carbon filtration absorbs mycotoxins from mold while medical-grade HEPA filtration traps mycotoxin-producing mold spores. Bi-polar ionization seeks out and breaks down mycotoxins on a molecular level.



Medical grade HEPA filtration traps beta-glucans while ozone-free bi-polar ionization clears the air of tiny particulate matter like beta-glucans.

Fast, Quiet, Long-Lasting Clean Air

cleans the air in just 12 minutes
Cleans 250, 550, 850 sq. ft. mulitple times an hour.
filter life
Up to 1 year between filter changes. First filter pre-installed.
quiet operation
So quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
International plug adapters included for global use.
app enabled
Control from anywhere using the Air Oasis app

Elevate Your Air Purification Experience

iAdaptAir is designed to exceed your expectations. Don't settle for ordinary air purifiers that simply filter particles. Immerse yourself in the luxury of truly clean air, thanks to our innovative five-stage purification system.

Unlike conventional purifiers that rely solely on a basic HEPA filter, the iAdaptAir takes air purification to the next level. While other filters become breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and viruses, our cutting-edge technology goes beyond trapping contaminants. It goes the extra mile by sterilizing and eliminating these harmful elements from your indoor air.

Harnessing the power of UV, silver ions, and Bi-Polar ionization, the iAdaptAir purifier creates a truly pristine environment. Rest assured, there's no need to compromise on safety or air quality—our purifier achieves this without producing any ozone.

Indulge in the extraordinary. Embrace a world where the air you breathe is truly revitalized and protected. Choose the iAdaptAir and discover the pinnacle of air purification technology.

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Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filters

H13 HEPA technology is a trusted and time-honored solution employed in hospitals worldwide since the 1960s. The unrivaled efficacy of a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, captures mold, bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, and smoke as small as 0.1 microns by up to 99.87%.

*H13 HEPA, Carbon and Silver Ion filters come as a one piece combined cartridge for simplicity.

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Carbon Filters

Activated carbon not only absorbs harmful VOCs, chemicals, and odors but also works tirelessly to combat mycotoxins. Breathe freely and experience the refreshing aroma of a truly pristine environment.

*H13 HEPA, Carbon and Silver Ion filters come as a one piece combined cartridge for simplicity.

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Silver Ion Filters

Our high-efficiency sterilizing filter, equipped with a cutting-edge specialized coating. This revolutionary technology releases silver ions that penetrate the cell membrane of mold, bacteria, and viruses, reducing pathogens by up to 99%. By disrupting the DNA, it ensures thorough sterilization, while the ions continuously recycle to maintain long-lasting efficacy over time.

*H13 HEPA, Carbon and Silver Ion filters come as a one piece combined cartridge for simplicity.

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Germicidal UV Light

Harnessing a time-tested technology initially employed in hospital operating rooms since 1936, our purification system offers unparalleled sterilization without relying on chemicals. By emitting photons at 265nm, our UV lamp effectively destroys and modifies pathogen DNA, leading to a remarkable 99.9% sterilization rate. Rest assured, our UV lamps operate at 265nm without producing any ozone.

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Bi-Polar Ionization

Positive and negative ions that actively hunt down and eradicate contaminants in every corner of your room. Unlike traditional purifiers, our revolutionary technology goes beyond filtering airborne particles. By clustering contaminants, they become easily trapped in filters or settle on the floor due to increased weight. These potent ions even penetrate microorganisms, disrupting their DNA and ensuring thorough sterilization. Rest assured, our Bi-Polar technology won't generate static electricity or produce ozone, making it a safe and effective choice for purifying your air.

Umatched Performance

The iAdaptAir purifiers have the ability to clean the air in rooms multiple times an hour. Rigorously evaluated by third-party labs, our iAdaptAir purifiers have proven their ability to reduce contaminants by up to an astounding 99% in only minutes of operation. Count on our iAdaptAir purifiers to consistently maintain these exceptional results, ensuring you enjoy the best indoor air quality day after day.
reduce smoke and dust up to 99%

Allergens, Smoke, Dust & Dander

Particles come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Whether it’s wild fire smoke, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust or dander you can clear your air up to 99%.

reduce viruses and mold up to 99%

Virus, Bacteria, & Mold

Fungus and Flu have no place in your home. Feel more confident every time you take a deep breath. iAdaptAir reduces mold, bacteria and viruses up to 99%.

reduce VOCs and toxins up to 99%

VOCs and Toxins

Man made chemicals, as well as organic toxins created by mold and actinobacteria, can linger in your air. iAdaptAir can reduce toxins up to 99% so you can breathe easy.

Sleep Like a Baby

Use the night mode feature to ensure a good night’s rest.

  • Quieter a whisper at only 25 decibels
  • Soothing white noise to help you sleep
  • Cleaner air means better breathing
  • No lights to distract your slumber
  • Controls locked to ensure lights stay off and white noise remains constant
  • Soothing breeze to keep you cool at night

Stay in Control of Your Air

Pressing the power button not only turns on the purifier, but gives you control of the UV light and Bi-Polar ionizer.

Three fan speed options to put you in control of your air.

Holding down the night mode button creates the perfect sleeping environment.

The color-changing filter replacement button tells you when it’s time for a new filter and resets the reminder when you hold it down. The smart iAdaptAir uses an air quality sensor in conjunction with fan speed to determine the optimal time to replace your filter cartridge.

Leaving in a few? The timer setting will ensure you save filter life and energy by automatically turning off the air purifier in 2, 4, or 8 hours.

Smart mode turns on autopilot to save energy and filter life by automatically running your iAdaptAir purifier at the slowest fan speed possible to ensure clean air. If the purifier senses poor air quality the fan speed will temporarily increase.  The smart mode button can also turn the WiFi module on and off.

The air quality sensor icons light up green, orange or red to alert you of changes in air quality, so you can adjust and stay in control of your air quality.

Diagram for the iAdaptAir Features