Portable Air Purifiers

Air Oasis portable air purifiers can be conveniently placed wherever you need them. Hand-crafted in the United States, these purifiers ensure our customers breathe easier knowing their air and surfaces are clean — free of up to 99% of allergens, mold, odors, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

iAdaptAir™ Air Purifier (Coming Soon)

Meet iAdaptAir™, the smartest, most effective, user-friendly air purifier. Based on a decade of research and study, it intelligently and cost-effectively delivers full spectrum air purification, combining two high-end filters, two forms of ionization, and ultraviolet technology.

    1000G3 Small Room Air Purifier

    The filterless 1000G3 air purifier addresses airborne and surface contaminants in small to medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, or utility rooms.

      3000G3 Large Room Air Purifier

      The filterless 3000G3 air purifier addresses airborne and surface contaminants in larger rooms such as family rooms, kitchens, basements, or master suites.

        Mobile Air Purifier

        The Mobile Air Purifier is designed for small spaces in your home or office. The mobile unit is also easy to bring on a car ride or to a hotel.