Portable Air Purifiers

Achieve cleaner air and surfaces where you need it most.

Air Oasis portable purifiers clean air and surfaces in individual rooms of your home or office. Simply plug them in to a wall outlet and turn them on to achieve fresh, clean are.

Our G3 series uses highly effective ions that travel throughout your indoor environment. These ions deactivate contaminants such as mold, viruses, bacteria, VOCs and odors .

Our iAdaptAir series combines advanced HEPA and carbon filtration with our cutting edge ionization technologies to further reduce contaminants — particularly dust and allergens. This smart product also has an air quality sensor and a mobile app, allowing remote monitoring and control.

Regardless which model is the best fit for you, portable air purifiers are effective and flexible. Air Oasis has rigorous quality standards to ensure our customers receive only the best purifiers to support a healthy lifestyle and provide relief from symptoms caused by poor indoor air quality.

We care about your air and are committed to providing clean, healthy air to people around the world.

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