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AO3000G3 Large Room Air Purifier


The CARB compliant filterless air purifier for large rooms. Air Oasis created the AO3000G3 CARB compliant, ozone-free as a filterless air purifier. This large room air purifier improves your home’s indoor air quality by effectively reducing allergens, odors, mold and other pollutants. Available in all 50 US states including California.

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Why AO3000G3


Control Indoor Allergens

Reduce allergies caused by airborne dust, dander and pollen by 99%.


Fight Odors

Remove unwanted odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 99%.


Clear the Air

Let our advanced technology eliminate mold, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces by 99%.

Effective Air Purification for Large Areas

Air Oasis’ CARB compliant, ozone-free air ionizer was made especially for large rooms. The AO3000G3 air sanitizer uses AHPCO® and Bi-Polar® ionization technologies to breakdown pollutants on a molecular level.

Place this UV air purifier in your master suite, office, kitchen and in other large rooms in your home. The AO3000G3 fits on a countertop, windowsill or as a standalone piece. Sit back and take in the fresh, clean air and surfaces. The AO3000G3 is perfect for your home:

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