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3000XG3 Commercial Air Purifier


This light commercial UV air purifier specifically for commercial use in more highly contaminated areas such as musty basements, hotel rooms in need of deep cleaning, salons with high VOC levels, pet clinics, and fitness centers. Proven to reduce mold, allergens and VOCs up to 99%, this air ionizer and surface sanitizer is superior.

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Extremely Quiet

Designed to be an inconspicuous complement to a healthy home or business.

The 3000XG3 air purifier and surface sanitizer delivers a powerful punch to unwanted contaminants.

Using three technologies experimented with by Einstein and NASA -- the 3000XG3 quietly and safely removes unwanted contaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors.


Simple Yet Powerful

Protect your guests using a product that's truly effective.

While mold is a naturally occurring fungus with valuable properties in nature, we don't want it in our businesses. Whether you or your customers are battling nuisance surface mold or dealing with chronic mold-related illness, our technology has reduced mold up to 99% in laboratory studies.

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