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3000XG3 Light Commercial Air Purifier


Air Oasis designed this UV air purifier specifically for commercial use in hotels, salons, pet clinics, and fitness centers and other areas where odors and germs are abundant. Proven to reduce mold, allergens and VOC up to 99%, this air ionizer is superior to other commercial air cleaners.

Not available in California.

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Why 3000XG3


Allergen Reduction

Remove up to 99% of airborne dust, dander and pollen from your commercial space and breathe easy knowing your customers will inhale and exhale clean air.


Odor Elimination

Prevent mold remediation (removal) by clearing away up to 99% of unwanted odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Clean Air & Surfaces

Improve the indoor air quality of your commercial space with 3000XG3’s technology reducing mold, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces by 99%.

Air Purification Reimagined

The 3000XG3 commercial air purifier and surface sanitizer uses three powerful technologies to deliver clean, fresh air and surfaces to everyone in its proximity. Air Oasis’ AHPCO® technology, Bi-Polar® Ionization Technology and Germicidal UVC technology rid the air of mold, mycotoxins, viruses, bacterial, odors, VOCs and allergens to trace levels.

The result is a compact and quiet air sanitizer providing breathable air. Place it in high-traffic areas for optimal effectiveness. Reasons to consider the 3000XG3 for your commercial space:

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