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nano Induct™ is our whole house central air purifier. Attached to your furnace, it provides a blanket of air ionization throughout your home or office. Take a deep breath knowing the air your family inhales and exhales is fresh and clean.


Cleans Entire Home

Provides clean air and surfaces for your whole or office with one purifier.

Installed into your HVAC system, the filterless nano Induct™ remains out of sight while producing off the charts results.

Ions distributed through your HVAC system circulate throughout your entire home, clearing air and surfaces of unwanted contaminants.

There are no filters to replace or maintenance to perform for two years. After two years of use the AHPCO® cell is easily replaced in just minutes.


Outperforms the Rest

Details matter, and the nano Induct™ is crafted to the finest detail to ensure results.

We respect that any advanced PCO technology requires the best materials and thoughtful design to ensure the continual on/off cycles of an HVAC system.

Side by side competitive testing shows the nano Induct™ has considerably lower failure rates due to on/off cycling. Our bulbs have been cycle tested to last well beyond the warranty period. Perhaps we should thank our all-American supply chain partners.

Most importantly, our proprietary nano AHPCO® catalyst produces a greater variety of ions that last longer and are more effective at deactivating unwanted contaminants.


Proven to Work

Engineered to effectively and safely result in clean air and surfaces.

Uniquely engineered with the following features: auto shut-off and self-protecting ballast for protection in hot attics, double the typical UV bulb protection to extend bulb life, proprietary rotational UV shield to protect HVAC systems, and long-life catalyst coating for balanced ion output with maximum effectiveness.

This product is ETL listed to UL867 safety standards and it meets all regulatory requirements.

Lab tested to 99% effectiveness against aeroallergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and formaldehyde.

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