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An Ice Machine Sanitizer

Keep your commercial ice machine clean longer with our award-winning Bi-Polar® Ice. It reduces cleaning cycles by up to 80%. Our patent-pending design protects ice in a sanitized environment, preventing slime, sludge, mold, yeast, and germs from forming. Rest assured knowing your customers’ ice is clean and healthy to ingest.


Award Winning Design

2018 winner of the National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award.

Chosen by a panel of restaurant industry executives and experts, the Kitchen Innovation Award is earned by companies who make improvements that "satisfy staff and impress diners".

This award reinforces the fact that restaurant and hotel guests will benefit from clean ice and their owners will save money and time without the distraction and embarrassment of constant ice machine cleaning or failed health inspections.


Proven Results

A West Texas A&M University study found Bi-Polar Ice to be highly effective at reducing unwanted contaminants in commercial ice machines.

In a restaurant field test, random samples of an unprotected ice machine tested positive for the following: Gram-positive Bacilli, Gram-negative Bacilli, C. Penicillium, spore-forming Bacilli, E. Alternaria alternata conidia, and Stachybotrys.

Within a week of installing Bi-Polar Ice, the microbial count declined to almost zero. Even more noteworthy is that this contaminant reduction occurred without expensive, time-consuming manual cleaning. Installing Bi-Polar ice in clean machines keep them cleaner for extended periods.

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