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Bi-Polar® Ice

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An Ice Machine Sanitizer

Keep your commercial ice machine clean longer with our award-winning Bi-Polar® Ice. It reduces cleaning cycles by up to 80%. Our patent-pending design protects ice in a sanitized environment, preventing slime, sludge, mold, yeast, and germs from forming. Rest assured knowing your customers’ ice is clean and healthy to ingest.

Safe For Use in Food Zones

Approved by NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation), the Bi-Polar® Ice is the best sanitizer for ice machines on the market. In only 15-minutes, your ice machine cleaner can be installed in any commercial ice machine. Using Air Oasis’ Bi-Polar® ionization technology, this product effectively protects ice from bacteria and therefore, embarrassing health inspection failures.

Bi-Polar® Ice is the 2018 winner of the National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award and is certified with the noteworthy UL-867 electrical safety rating. Plus, it is ozone, mercury and chemical-free.

Why Bi-Polar® Ice


Serve Cleaner Ice

Protect your customers from unhealthy contamination with our NSF approved commercial ice maker cleaner made especially for the hospitality industry.


Reduce Costs

Thanks to our ozone-free Bi-Polar® ionization technology, your ice maker will require far fewer expensive cleanings.


Extend Machine Life

Bi-Polar® Ice helps keep your commercial ice machine cleaner longer, reducing the damage to internal parts caused by slime, sludge and mold.

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