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G3 Series UV Ionic Air Purifier Performance



Compact, quiet, and effective. The G3 Series air ionizer and surface sanitizer is filterless, virtually maintenance-free, and it’s advanced ionization technologies reduce up to 99% of allergies, odors, mold, germs, and other contaminants.

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Simple and Effective Air Purifiers

Elegantly designed to be an inconspicuous air ionizer for your healthy lifestyle.

The G3 series ionic air purifier and surface sanitizer blends in nicely with household décor. The ionization technologies deliver a powerful punch to unwanted contaminants.

Using three technologies experimented by Einstein and NASA -- the G3 series effectively and safely addresses unwanted contaminants such as allergies, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors.


Address Mold Issues

Physicians treating mold-related illnesses purchase our products in support of their patients.

While mold is a naturally occurring fungus with valuable properties in nature, we don’t want it in our homes or offices. Whether you’re battling nuisance surface mold in your bathroom or dealing with chronic mold-related illness, such as CIRS, the G3 series ionic air purifier has reduced up to 99% in laboratory studies.


Air Purifiers with Proven Technology

From the toughest odors to the most resilient bacteria, Air Oasis is pioneering advanced ionizing solutions.

“I know of no other technology available that produces the high level of pathogen abatement as Air Oasis air purification units.” -Professor N. Ghosh, Ph.D.

Sampling of test results: all reductions up to 99% H1N1: 99% Legionella pneumophila: 99% Aeroallergens: 99% Mold: 99% Bacteria: 99% Viruses: 99% Formaldehyde: 99%

Microflora & Propagules Reduction Study: Almost complete reduction of microflora and propagules at 5 distances.


Extremely Quiet Air Purifier

Designed to be an inconspicuous complement to a healthy home or business.

The G3 Series air purifier and surface sanitizer delivers a powerful punch to unwanted contaminants such as allergies, odors, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs.

Using three technologies experimented with by Einstein and NASA -- the 3000XG3 air purifier quietly and safely removes unwanted air pollution.

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