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nano Induct™ Whole House Air Purifier Technology


The nano Induct™ is our whole house central air purifier. Attached to your furnace, it provides a blanket of air ionization throughout your home or office. Control odors while reducing viruses, bacteria, and mold with this powerful whole house air purifier.

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Advanced Air Purifier Technology

Say goodbye to unwanted odors and contaminants such as allergies, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs.

Odors and contaminants plaguing many parts of your home are addressed with ease by the filterless nano Induct™ whole house air purifier.

AHPCO® technology is based on a combination of NASA's and our R&D team's research. It creates a redundant mixture of ions at levels that, while harmless to people, are effective at deactivating single-celled contaminants like mold, viruses, bacteria, and breaking down VOCs.

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