Whole Home Air Purifiers

Air Oasis whole home air purifiers cleanse air and surfaces throughout a residence or business. Using proprietary technologies and systems, our safe and effective products alleviate issues caused by allergens, mold, odors, bacteria, viruses and VOCs.

nano Induct

The nano Induct filterless whole home air purifier connects to a heating and air conditioning system. Working in conjunction with the HVAC system, it distributes ions throughout a home or office resulting in fresh smelling, clean air and sanitized surfaces.

    Bi-Polar 2400

    The Bi-Polar 2400  filterless air purifier, the size of a mobile phone, may be installed in a variety of heating and air conditioning systems. It utilizes cold plasma technology to reduce volatile organic compounds and particles in the air. Dust, dander, pollen, and other airborne allergens are safely and effectively addressed to help our customers feel and sleep better.