Air Purifiers Featuring HEPA Filtration

High-quality HEPA filters protect your health by trapping unwanted contaminants so they cannot be inhaled

HEPA Air Purifiers Promote Health and High IAQ

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is improved with the use of HEPA air filters. This process uses high efficiency filters to capture more than 99% of particulates in the air. Everything from larger smoke particles, pollen, dust, and pet dander are removed, giving you cleaner indoor air.

Frequently Asked Questions About HEPA Filtration

HEPA air purifiers are very effective at removing particulates of a certain size from the air. Using a filtration process, HEPA filters literally trap the particles and remove them from air circulation. Filter-equipped air purifiers, especially ones adding ionization, are a top choice for those wanting to quickly clear their indoor air of airborne particles like allergens, dust and pet dander.

HEPA air purifiers are not all designed in the same way. Some have lower-quality materials or are not rated highly enough regarding the size of the particles trapped. The ASMA U.S. DOE standard for HEPA filtration is that it removes 99.97% of particles from the air. If you want a HEPA air purifier, ensure it also has effective ionization.

HEPA is exceptionally proficient at removing allergens from the air. Particulates that often cause allergic reactions or allergy symptoms include pollen, pet dander, organic materials and dust. All of these can be physically removed from the air as they cycle through (and are trapped by) a HEPA filter.

HEPA filtration may reduce visible smoke in the air but has a limited ability to deal with the smell of wildfire, cigar or cigarette smoke. Air Oasis filters found in the iAdaptAir purifier use both HEPA and carbon filtration. Carbon filtration is a better match for reducing smoke odors and VOCs.

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