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Are you a healthcare professional, an indoor environmental expert, or a creator with >30,000 followers? If you do not already own an Air Oasis purifier, please purchase one before applying as an affiliate. Direct questions to

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Program Benefits

  • Easy Sign-Up via Shopify Collabs

  • Shareable Links

  • High Conversion Rates

  • Industry-Leading Commission Rates

  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

  • Automatic Commission Payments

  • Responsive Texas-Based Support Team



Create a Shopify Collabs profile.


Select Air Oasis from the Collabs network.


Receive our confirmation email with helpful tips.

We’re available to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us via our Customer Care Center, and one of our team members will reach out to you within one business day.

CaseStudy: CIRS

Our medical professional affiliate partners use Air Oasis purifiers as a tool to support their patients suffering from environmentally acquired illnesses. For example, those impacted by conditions such as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome(CIRS) must have a stable, clean indoor environment. Air Oasis remains a proud partner in the community of care givers in the fight against CIRS.

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Proud Sponsor of CIRSx

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Affiliate Program

If you don't find the answer to your question, please email

Air Oasis affiliates receive unique shareable URLs that identify them as the source of referrals. They can be shared however you communicate with your audience.

As an affiliate, you will earn 10% of net sales when your affiliate link is clicked by the shopper and they purchase from our website. Cookies are active for a generous 90-day window from the click.

Shopify Collabs calculates commissions based on net order values fulfilled by Air Oasis. Your Collabs affiliate dashboard will show real-time sales updates and payout status.

A shareable link and a unique discount code (for your followers to use) will be provided in a welcome email upon the completion of your application process and your acceptance into the program.

We do not use coupon codes and recommend QR codes as alternative to using the shareable URL/link.

You will see the number of site visits from your link, conversions, conversion rate, quantity of orders, and the amount of commission earned.

Our Collabs partners are prohibited from paid advertising (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) using any of our brand terms or images.

Please start by emailing

Affiliate Program

We are seeking affiliate partners who fit into one or more of the following categories: Medical Professionals who treat Environmentally Acquired Illnesses, Indoor Environmental Professionals, Lifestyle Influencers with 50,000+ followers and a track record of success promoting higher price point products. If you fit one ore more of these requirements, we look forward to hearing from you. Love the Air You Breathe!

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