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iAdaptAir HEPA air purifier in a living room with a family

iAdaptAir is the Best Air Purifier to Combat

  • Pollen

  • Mold Spores & Mycotoxins

  • Dust

  • Pet Dander

  • Smoke

  • Odors and VOCs

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria

iAdaptAir - The Best Value in Air Purifiers

lower price per CFM = higher value

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iAdaptAir Small

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iAdaptAir Medium

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iAdaptAir Large

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iAdaptAir Pro

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Air Doctor 5500i

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IQ Air Health Pro

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Dyson Big+Quiet


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People Love iAdaptAir

"I'm so impressed with the quality and attention to detail AirOasis put into this air filter! I purchased the small and medium and the technology is amazing! Thank you!"

- Cody S.

Dr. Shoemaker loves iAdaptAir purifiers

"iAdaptAir is the first and last word in restoration and maintenance of indoor air health. It quietly takes care of particulates down to 0.05 microns. I have four units for home and office."

- Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.
Biotoxin-related illness (CIRS) pioneer

iAdaptAir Large air purifier 5 star review

"It's whisper quiet and is keeping our air nice and clean. Ordering, updating and delivery were all top notch. "

- Lisa B.

iAdaptAir Large air purifier exploded view

5 Air Cleaning Technologies

  • Medical-Grade H13 HEPA Particle Filter

  • Activated Carbon VOC and Odor Filter

  • Silver Antimicrobial Filter

  • Germicidal UV LEDs

  • Ozone Free Bi-Polar Ionization

*iAdaptAir is CARB certified no ozone.

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Unmatched Performance

reduce smoke and dust up to 99%

Allergens, Smoke, Dust & Dander

Particles come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Whether it’s wild fire smoke, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust or dander you can clear your air up to 99%.

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reduce viruses and mold up to 99%

Virus, Bacteria, & Mold

Fungus and Flu have no place in your home. Feel more confident every time you take a deep breath. iAdaptAir reduces mold, bacteria and viruses up to 99%.

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reduce VOCs and toxins up to 99%

VOCs and Toxins

Man-made chemicals, as well as organic toxins created by mold and actinobacteria, can linger in your air. iAdaptAir can reduce toxins up to 99% so you can breathe easy.

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When our family of 8 isn't enjoying the fresh outdoor air (of Texas), you can find me with our Air Oasis team. We seek ways to make your indoor air clean, healthy, and comfortable. I want you to l❤️ve the air you breathe!
Jon Bennert CEO/Co-Founder
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