For Allergy & Asthma Relief

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Surveys show you are in good company at Air Oasis

After biotoxin illness, Seasonal Allergies is the second biggest reason our customers state for choosing Air Oasis. 23% of post-purchase respondents note buying iAdaptAir to help reduce allergens in their indoor environment.

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Lab-tested to reduce 99% of airborne allergens

Pet dander, pollen, mold spores, smoke particles, and fine dust can all trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. By clearing the air with overlapping, redundant technologies, you will inhale fewer allergy and asthma-triggering particles.

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Five Overlapping Technologies (redundancy is good)

Our medical-grade HEPA filter traps airborne allergy and asthma triggers as small as .1 microns in size. Ions from the bi-polar ionizer clear the air of particles that may escape the filter system. This clearing effect occurs when charged ions cause fine particles to clump together and fall from the indoor airspace. iAdaptAir is CARB-certified as ozone-free.

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Excellent Reviews by Customers and Industry Professionals

You can see reviews on our website, which are excellent. We are highly rated for shopping experience, product quality, and customer service. (We call it customer excellence.) Of course, we make mistakes and have room for improvement, but we humbly work to make a great product and take care of the people who rely on them for their health and well-being.

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Money-back Guarantee and U.S.-based phone support

We understand that allergy and asthma sufferers are continually bothered by fine airborne particulate matter. Give our products a try, and rest easy with our 60-day money-back guarantee. We are here to support you before, during, and after your purchase.