Air Purifiers for Mold

Get an air purifier for mold to reduce exposure and challenges created by mold.

Attack mold: Address mold and mold spores with air purifying technology

Mold can live unnoticed and cause problems for your family. Indoor air quality can be improved with air purifiers. Air Oasis air purifiers can remove even trace amounts of mold and spores, helping you and the people you love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

The best air purifiers for mold should produce long-lasting ions effective at deactivating fungai at the RNA/DNA, cellular level. This prevents their spread. All Air Oasis purifiers use technology to do just that in your home, office, medical facility or school. They are all capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, and mold not only from the air but also on surfaces.

Air purifiers are capable of reducing if not eliminating mold. This includes both visible, growing mold colonies and mold spores in the air. A few different technologies are capable of achieving this. Air Oasis products use overlapping filtration and ionization technologies in some combination to combat mold.

There are a few ways that our air purifiers can remove mold. In one method, air purifiers get rid of mold in the air by trapping and weighing down particulates of mold and mold spores. In another method, ions are released into the air to actively seek out and deactivate mold, inhibiting its harmful effects.

Air purifiers can prevent the growth of mold by attacking mold sources before they colonize and multiply. This is a powerful way to prevent the harmful and dangerous health effects of mold exposure. Whether a building is old or new, mold is always a threat. Air purifiers can eliminate this threat and protect the people inside.

Protect Your Family From Mold

Air Oasis air purifiers can reduce smoke in your air

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Mold Reduction: Scientific Studies

iAdaptAir® and Airborne Fungus: Aerosolized samples of airborne fungus were released into the air. After release, the Air Oasis air purifier was run on high for 10 minutes. After this length of time, the fungal load was reduced by 99.99%.

AHPCO® Ionization Reduced Aeroallergens: Mold spores and aeroallergens negatively impact people’s health. In this test, a building with mold spores, hyphae, mycelia and other fungal bodies were present. Within 24 hours of running the Air Oasis air purifier, no significant microbial growth, colonies or aeroallergens were present at all.

Bi-Polar® 2400 and Visible Mold: Performed by a third-party tester, the Air Oasis air purifier was placed in a building with visible mold on the ceilings, flooring and walls. At least 15 different mold types were identified. After five days, there was a 97% reduction in mold.

Results based on laboratory testing. Actual results may vary.

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