Air Purifiers for Viruses and Bacteria

Combat infectious diseases including viruses with the right air purifier.

Stop Germs, Bacteria and Viruses in Their Tracks

Quality air purifiers have the technology to deactivate viruses and bacteria. Great for any season (not just flu season), an air purifier in your home, school or office can reduce the spread of bio-contaminants. Air Oasis air purifiers have the best technology for the task.


Frequently Asked Questions About Viruses and Bacteria

The best air purifiers for viruses or bacteria should produce long-lasting ions effective at deactivating viruses and bacteria at the RNA/DNA, cellular level. This prevents their spread. All Air Oasis purifiers use technology to do just that in your home, office, medical facility or school. They are all capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria not only from the air but also on surfaces.

Since all Air Oasis purifiers work against viruses and bacteria, the next question is whether you want a portable wall-plugin purifier or one that is centrally installed in your HVAC system. The latter is out of sight and runs in conjunction with your HVAC fan. Alternatively, if you opt for a local room purifier, the iAdaptAir®adds HEPA and carbon filtration to the ionization technologies. Or, if you prefer a simpler product with no replacement filters, opt for the G3 Series. Our selection quiz on the homepage will walk you through this decision process.

Air Oasis air purifiers have been tested against strains of the coronavirus and effectively reduced the presence of viruses in the air by more than 99%. Our sophisticated air purifying technology can deactivate viruses, changing them on a cellular level, so they are no longer a threat. Well-regarded research institutions, acclaimed universities, doctors and dentists, and public school systems widely use our products during the pandemic.

Air purifiers are used in hospitals to sanitize. This is a testament to their effectiveness for removing bacteria and viruses, not only from the air but also on surfaces. One of the best devices for this is an ionic air purifier, like Air Oasis air purifiers. When optimized for this use, air ionizers can provide a blanket of ions that clean the air and deactivate them on bacteria and virus-laden surfaces.

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Viruses and Bacteria: Scientific Studies

MERS Coronavirus and AHPCO® Ionization: In this study, Air Oasis air purifiers reduced the presence of the MERS coronavirus by 99.997% within four hours of use.

Airborne Viruses and AHPCO® Ionization: The Air Oasis 3000G3 was tested against airborne viruses. Within 90 minutes, the air purifier caused a net reduction rate of 99.5% against the virus.

Reduce H1N1 Using iAdaptAir™: Tested against the Influenza A H1N1 virus, the iAdaptAir™ purifier reduced the viral load by 99.99% within 20 minutes of use.

Results based on laboratory testing. Actual results may vary.

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