iAdaptAir 2.0 - Large

Cleans 795 sq ft in 12 minutes.

Industry-leading Value: Better Coverage -- Whisper Quiet -- Overlapping Technologies to reduce Mold, Allergens and Germs. Doctor recommended as the Best Option For Biotoxin Illness and Water-damaged Buildings.
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iAdaptAir 2.0 - Large

Features and Benefits

530 CFM Clean Air Delivery Rate
cleans the air in just 12 minutes
Cleans 795 sq ft every 12 minutes
filter life
Up to 2 years filter life. First filter pre-installed.
quiet operation
Unbelievably quiet operation.
app enabled
App enabled with removable WiFi module.
2 year warranty
Not 1, but 2-year limited warranty

Fast, Clean, Refreshing Air

A 530 CFM clean air delivery rate, 5 overlapping air cleaning technologies, and 3 powerful, but oh so quiet fans, provide a clean refreshing breeze.

master bedroom suite

Master Suites in 3 Minutes

Cleans and sanitizes the air in 225 sq. ft. rooms in just 3 minutes or 18 times per hour.

great room

Great Rooms in 8 Minutes

Cleans and sanitizes the air in 530 sq. ft. rooms in just 8 minutes or 7 times per hour.


Open Offices in 12 Minutes

Cleans and sanitizes the air in 795 sq. ft. rooms in just 12 minutes or 5 times per hour.

best value iadaptair

Performance + Value

iAdaptAir is designed to exceed your expectations, not your wallet.

• This air purifier will clean the air in a 795 sq. ft. room every 12 minutes.

• Only 87¢ per square foot of clean air.

• 5 technologies seek out, filter, and sterilize all contaminants.

• UV LEDs never need to be replaced and filters last up to 2 years.

• Onboard air quality monitor.

• Control your air purifier from anywhere with the Air Oasis app.

• We even go the extra mile to cover your purchase with a 2 year limited warranty.

You won't find this much value packed into one box anywhere else, unless you consider one of the other three sizes of iAdaptAir.

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Two Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filters

H13 HEPA technology is a trusted and time-honored solution employed in hospitals worldwide since the 1960s. The unrivaled efficacy of a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, captures mold, bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, and smoke as small as 0.1 microns by up to 99.87%.

*H13 HEPA, Carbon and Silver Ion filters come as a one piece combined cartridge for simplicity.

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Two Carbon Filters

Activated carbon not only absorbs harmful VOCs, chemicals, and odors but also works tirelessly to combat mycotoxins. Breathe freely and experience the refreshing aroma of a truly pristine environment.

*H13 HEPA, Carbon and Silver Ion filters come as a one piece combined cartridge for simplicity.

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Two Silver Ion Filters

Our high-efficiency sterilizing filter, equipped with a cutting-edge specialized coating. This revolutionary technology releases silver ions that penetrate the cell membrane of mold, bacteria, and viruses, reducing pathogens by up to 99%. By disrupting the DNA, it ensures thorough sterilization, while the ions continuously recycle to maintain long-lasting efficacy over time.

*H13 HEPA, Carbon and Silver Ion filters come as a one piece combined cartridge for simplicity.

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Eight Germicidal UV LEDs

UV is a time-tested technology employed in hospital operating rooms since 1936. UV purification offers unparalleled sterilization without relying on chemicals. Our UV LEDs effectively destroys and modifies pathogen DNA, leading to a remarkable 99.9% sterilization rate. Rest assured, our UV LEDs operate without producing any ozone, contain no mercury, and never need to be replaced.

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Bi-Polar Ionization

Positive and negative ions that actively hunt down and eradicate contaminants in every corner of your room. Unlike traditional purifiers, our revolutionary technology goes beyond filtering airborne particles. By clustering contaminants, they become easily trapped in filters or settle on the floor due to increased weight. These potent ions even penetrate microorganisms, disrupting their DNA and ensuring thorough sterilization. Rest assured, our Bi-Polar technology won't generate static electricity or produce ozone, making it a safe and effective choice for purifying your air.

Designed for Water-damaged Buildings and Biotoxins

Sterilizes and helps remove these sources of chronic illnesses.



Ozone-free bi-polar ionization, UV light, and a silver ion screen sterilize airborne and surface actinobacteria. The medical grade HEPA filter traps airborne actino spores, removing them from your air.



Carbon filtration absorbs mycotoxins from mold while medical-grade HEPA filtration traps mycotoxin-producing mold spores. Bi-polar ionization seeks out and breaks down mycotoxins on a molecular level.



Medical grade HEPA filtration traps beta-glucans while ozone-free bi-polar ionization clears the air of tiny particulate matter like beta-glucans.

Umatched Performance

This air purifier boasts a 530 CADR with the ability to clean the air in a 795 square foot room 5 times an hour. Rigorously evaluated by third-party labs, our iAdaptAir purifiers have proven their ability to reduce contaminants by up to an astounding 99% in only minutes of operation. Count on our iAdaptAir purifiers to consistently maintain these exceptional results, ensuring you enjoy the best indoor air quality day after day.
reduce smoke and dust up to 99%

Allergens, Smoke, Dust & Dander

Particles come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Whether it’s wild fire smoke, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust or dander you can clear your air up to 99%.

reduce viruses and mold up to 99%

Virus, Bacteria, & Mold

Fungus and Flu have no place in your home. Feel more confident every time you take a deep breath. iAdaptAir reduces mold, bacteria and viruses up to 99%.

reduce VOCs and toxins up to 99%

VOCs and Toxins

Man made chemicals, as well as organic toxins created by mold and actinobacteria, can linger in your air. iAdaptAir can reduce toxins up to 99% so you can breathe easy.

Stay in Control of Your Air

The iAdaptAir offers manual control, app control or an intelligent AUTO mode.

air quality monitor 7 particles

Good Air Quality AUTO Mode

If the onboard air quality sensor measures between 0-75 the indicator will remain green and the purifier will use the low fan speed setting to save filter life and electricity.

air quality monitor 90 particles

Moderate Air Quality AUTO Mode

If the onboard air quality sensor measures between 76-150 the indicator will remain orange and the purifier will use the third fan speed setting to quickly improve air quality.

air quality monitor 150 particles

Poor Air Quality AUTO Mode

If the onboard air quality sensor measures greater than 150 the indicator will remain red and the purifier will use the high fan speed setting to quickly improve air quality.

air purifier control panel

Control on the Go

Control your iAdaptAir via the Air Oasis app or remove the WiFi chip if you're sensitive.

  • For those sensitive to WiFi frequencies or for buildings that don't allow WiFi devices, the WiFi module is now completely removable.
  • Control fan speed, UV, ionization, and night mode.
  • Control unlimited devices across multiple locations or in multiple rooms.
  • Set schedules to save filter life and electricity.
  • View remaining filter life.
  • View the indoor air quality everywhere you have an iAdaptAir.

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Model iAdaptAir 2.0 - L (AOIA-2L)
Dimensions 10.75" L x 10.04" W x 34.69" H
Weight 22.1 lbs
Coverage 795 square feet in 12 minutes
Sound 25-58 dB
Energy 105 Watts
Voltage 100-240 VAC
Cord Length 6 feet
Filter Change Frequency Up to 2 years depending on usage and environment
Warranty 2 year limited warranty
Air Quality Sensor PM 2.5 particle counter
Fan Speed Four fan speeds
Timer 1 - 12 hours
Night Mode Yes, turns off all lights
Child Lock Yes, locks control panel
Wifi Yes, with status indicator and removalbe wifi module

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