Air Purifiers with Ionizers

Extending Air Purification Technlogy with Ionization

Air Oasis’ line of air purification systems includes the most powerful air purifier/ionizer technology on the market. Whether you’re looking for the best ionizer for home or residential use, for a small room or a large warehouse, Air Oasis has the right unit for your needs.

An air purifier with ionizer technology is the ideal air purification system for neutralizing unpleasant odors and removing airborne contaminants as well as reducing static electricity buildup around delicate electronics. All of Air Oasis’ units combine robust air purifier/ionizer technology with sleek and practical design. Through this marriage of design and technology, we can offer everything from compact countertop home units to heavy-duty purification systems for large commercial spaces.

Air Ionization Made Better by Air Oasis Research

The Air Oasis team of researchers, led by Dr. Jeff Bennert, Ph.D., C.T.N., has developed a signature system of improving indoor air quality (IAQ), with results that far exceed the competition. Building on AHPCO (advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation) technology developed by NASA, the Air Oasis in-house research and development team has further developed this sensitive technology to effectively target and trap a wide range of the most common contaminants, allergens, and odors.

Through many years of research, Air Oasis can now offer the best ionizer air purifier on the market, capable of cleaning residential or commercial spaces, small or large. In essence, an air ionizer relies on a high-voltage charge to electrically charge air molecules. As a result of ionization, negative ions (or “anions”) and positive ions (or “cations”) are produced, creating both positive and negative charges. Airborne particles are then drawn to one another, much like static electricity causing a sock to cling to a woollen sweater.

Which Air Purifier is
Right For You?

Whether you require air purification for your home or vehicle, your hotel room or your office, Air Oasis makes it easy to find the best air ionizer for your needs. All of our units remove carbon-based contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors. More specifically, though, we tailor our various units to suit specific spaces and purposes. For very large areas, our nano Induct or Bi-Polar 2400 models are designed to purify your air in concert with your HVAC system. For large homes, sprawling offices, or warehouse settings, these whole-house units are ideal for large spaces or buildings with multiple rooms. We recommend one unit per air handler.

The IonicAir™ UV Purifier 

If you require the best ionizer for a small space, consider our lines of countertop or portable units. The IonicAir™ UV Purifier sits discreetly on a countertop, removing unwanted airborne contaminants from spaces of 250+ square feet. With the portable unit, there’s no reason to reduce your quality of life just because you leave home. The unit is easy to pack in a suitcase, so it can go where you go. Bring this unit along on any family trips to ensure a healthy journey and a good night’s sleep anywhere you go.

Whether for allergy sufferers, employees in industrial environments, or anyone concerned about health and hygiene, Air Oasis’ goal is to provide a reliable and effective means of restoring fresh air to both living areas and workspaces. When you buy an Air Oasis ionizer device, you can expect the best in technology, design, customer service, and versatility. Count on the highest degree of technological sophistication, with ionization technology integrated into every one of our models. Plus, we’ve created slim and tasteful units to house that powerful technology, so that you can set up your Air Oasis model and then forget about it. Over the first few days, you may be surprised at the noticeable change in air quality, and soon, you won’t want to settle for anything less.