Filterless Air Purifiers

Keeping the indoor air quality as pristine as possible, whether you’re in a residential or commercial area, is highly important for your health and the state of your environment. Choosing an air purification system to purchase is important, and one great option for a frugal consumer to consider is a filterless air purifier.

Types of Filterless Purifiers

There are four different types of filterless air purification systems: electrostatic precipitators, ozone-based air purifiers, more advanced filterless air purifiers with multiple methods of cleaning the air, and ultraviolet air purifiers. These types of filterless air purifiers are considered “proactive,” meaning that the process of cleaning the air actually occurs outside the technology, rather than the inside. Air purifiers with a filter are called “passive,” meaning the air is cleaned by drawing it into the device itself.

Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are highly efficient devices that remove dust particles in the air by using a high-voltage electrostatic charge; these particles are then accumulated on charged plates. The plate contains a row of thin wires, and these devices usually have large metal plates placed vertically.

Ozone-based Air Purifiers

Ozone-based air purifiers are those that use ozone or some sort of combination of oxidizers that clean the air and are filter-free. These are typically more effective when used simultaneously with other purifiers. They also work best for microorganisms, such as mold or mildew. These more advanced filterless air purification systems are seemingly much more efficient and effective in the work they do than other air purifiers.

Which Air Purifier is
Right For You?

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet air purifiers use ultraviolet light to obliterate microorganisms. Instead of using filters, they use ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria. They also eliminate the worry of dirty particle buildup on the filter. UV air purifiers are tremendously more energy-efficient than other air purifiers because instead of having to rely on a steady flow of air that requires filtering, this filter-free air purifier does not need to draw the air into the device. The lack of filter also eliminates the need to worry about excessive dirty particles accumulating, which can require a significant amount of upkeep.

Advanced Filterless Air Purifiers

When you eliminate the need to purchase new filters or clean them regularly, it also cuts the cost down quite a bit for the consumer. Instead of using an easily clogged paper filter like most other air purifiers, these purifiers often come with an electrostatic plate that collects the particles in the air. What consumers love about this is that the electrostatic plate can easily be cleaned on the air purifier; no filter needs to be purchased or struggled with.

Filterless Air Purifier Technology

Pollutants and contaminants in the air, like allergens, are usually made up of ions that are positively charged. A filter-free air purifier will emit a stream of ions that are negatively charged in order to remove the bacteria in the air. The opposites attract and result in an ionic bond; the bond then becomes weighed down and falls onto the floor, which makes for easy removal of bacteria with a vacuum or broom.