Air Purifiers for Your Summer Staycation

Air Purifiers for Your Summer Staycation

After we survived 2020, the world was eager to travel. Many people rushed to book vacations all around the globe. As life has continued to return to normal post-pandemic and our lives have gotten busier, the idea of a staycation has become increasingly ideal. 

If you are craving a break from everyday life but want to avoid the stress and expense of travel, it could be time to consider a staycation. A staycation is the perfect way to have an idyllic getaway without the stress and time spent planning, packing, and traveling to a new destination.

A staycation presents the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of your hometown–perhaps ones you have never taken the time to enjoy in day-to-day life. Not to mention, you won’t have to leave your quality air purifier behind.

Why Take a Staycation

If this is your first time hearing the term staycation, jump on board the trend. 47% of Americans have taken a staycation in the past year. Additionally, that same survey reported that 80% of Americans would choose a staycation over international travel. The price tag difference is clear, but why else are people choosing to explore closer to home rather than travel? 

Minimal Planning

Did Spring hit, and you realized you never booked that Hawaii vacation? Staycations are here to save your summer fun. Without the need to book airline flights, rental cars, and more, you can choose to take a staycation at the last minute and with minimal prep and planning. If life feels hectic, a staycation could be just what your family needs.

Save on Gas

With gas prices through the roof, even the frugal summer road trip option is off the table if you want to save money. With no reprieve from gas prices in sight, staycations offer the opportunity to save on both airfare and gas–a double win. More money to spend on fun dinners and outings or simply to sock away in your savings account this summer.

Skip the Airport Chaos

When school is out, and everybody hits the airports for summer vacations, you can be the contrarian that avoids the airport altogether in place of a staycation. Stay in the comfort of your home and venture a short drive to stay somewhere fun and different in your hometown–all without enduring a single TSA line. 

Practice for Future Vacations

Perhaps you have young travelers along with you or have not traveled much and need some practice. Staycations present an excellent opportunity to practice for future longer vacations or travel. Get all the benefits of sleeping in a different bed without being too far from home if you need to head home in the middle of the night with a toddler. 

Opting for a hotel just down the road in your hometown is a great way to test out what to pack, how your kids will handle the car ride, the sleeping arrangements, or if you are ready to tackle a bigger trip. 

Stay Clear of Germs

There is nothing worse than returning from a relaxing beach vacation only to have returned with a nasty cold. Opting to skip out on airports and the germs that accompany them will help you and your family stay healthy this summer. Plus, you can live and sleep with your trusted home air purifier or humidifier, cleansing and humidifying the air you breathe throughout the day.

Enjoy Hometown Attractions

The busyness of daily life, work, and kids often leaves little time to explore our own backyard. If you live in an area with tourist attractions of its own, use a staycation as an opportunity to cross some of those fun to-do’s off your list. Consider exploring local museums, amusement parks, zoos, or restaurants you have been meaning to try. Treat yourself as if you are indeed on vacation in a new city! 

Trusted Air Quality

With the summer months increasingly bringing seasonal wildfires to many parts of the United States, opting for a staycation ensures the trusted air quality of your current location. Staycations–whether at home or a nearby hotel or rental–also offer the convenience of driving for your stay. This means you can pack your portable air purifier or humidifier along for the ride–and enjoy fresh, clean air wherever you spend your days of relaxation.

Quality Air Purifiers for Your Next Staycation

This summer, you have permission to enjoy some quality time at home with your quality indoor air. Whether you stay in your home or venture to a nearby hotel, staycations are a growing trend we think you should consider jumping on board with.

Thanks to convenience and affordability, staycations are becoming increasingly popular, with the ability to enjoy local activities and extractions without the headache of airport travel and jet lag. 

If you are hooked on breathing quality, indoor air, or sleeping in a perfectly humid environment, a staycation may be the perfect summer vacation for you and your family. Stay in the comfort of your home or drive a short distance with your portable air purifier or humidifier in tow. 

Breathe easy this summer with Air Oasis air purifiers for your staycation. Get cost-saving bundles and explore our award-winning iAdaptAir® Products, with revolutionary, multistage air purification technology. Shop Now.

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