At Air Oasis, we understand the importance of having excellent indoor air quality (IAQ). It is estimated that most people spend around 90% of their time in indoor settings, whether at home, at work, in schools, or even in doctors’ offices. The air indoors in these settings can be twice as polluted as the air outdoors. The main contributors to polluted indoor air include several types of mold, animal dander, dust, dirt, bacteria, and viruses, building materials, smoke from fireplaces or wood stoves, and even household chemicals. Unfortunately, due to poor ventilation in many indoor venues, these contaminants are trapped indoors and breathed in by unsuspecting individuals. This is especially true during the colder seasons or in colder climates, when additional measures are taken to prevent cold air from entering the home. When these contaminants are regularly inhaled into the lungs, there are consequences. Those with existing allergy or asthma conditions often find that their conditions worsen while those without these problems may develop them over time. People living in polluted air may also suffer from frequent headaches, irritated eyes and frequent congestion. Air purifier manufacturers are continually fighting and finding new ways to prevent indoor air pollution and, in turn, eliminate the health consequences of regularly breathing in polluted and contaminated air.

In effort to provide better indoor air quality, we strive to use the best and newest technologies to develop our Air Sanifiers® and purifiers. Our products are revolutionary to the industry, with AHPCO technology originally developed by NASA. This NASA-created technology was then perfected by Air Oasis’s outstanding research and development team to create superior indoor air pollution elimination products. Through the use of AHPCO technology, we are able to offer products to air purifier suppliers for both commercial and residential air purifier wholesale that require little to no maintenance, without the use of traditional HEPA filters. The need to regularly purchase expensive HEPA filters is completely eliminated with our products, as the catalytic molecules (created through the use of a UV lamp and AHPCO catalyst) change harmful carbon-based particles into water vapor and carbon dioxide. Seeing as there are no thick filters in our air purifiers that require powerful fans, we are also able to provide products that require much less electricity than traditional air purifiers. In fact, many of our Air Sanifiers® use less electricity to operate than a standard 45-watt light bulb. With less electricity use and no need to buy filters, Air Oasis products are both an excellent choice for the budget and for the environment.

At Air Oasis, we offer various products crafted with care by an air purifier manufacturer right here in the United States to meet the needs of consumers as well as air purifier suppliers. We have countertop and portable air purifiers and Air Sanifiers® for residential use as well as several commercial and in-duct models available. Regardless of which model is used, Air Oasis air purifiers, Air Sanifiers®, and other products have been proven to drastically reduce airborne allergens, mold, and bacteria in a number of documented independent studies. Our revolutionary, effectively superior technology, in combination with our energy- and cost-efficient air purifier and Air Sanifier® models are a great way to increase the quality of indoor air to prevent respiratory irritation and complications. Air purifier suppliers that are interested in adding our top-of-the-line, innovative products to their air purifier wholesale or retail line should contact us for additional information on how to join Team Air Oasis.

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