Air Purifiers featuring UV Light Technology

Shine On: UV light is proven to inactivate bacteria and viruses and is a widely used technology to reduce biocontaminants.

UV Light for Air Purification

UV light has a legacy of effective air purification and surface sanitization. UV light has been proven effective at deactivating coronavirus similar to COVID-19. This is a valuable method of air purification. Its optimal use is as part of a multi-stage air purification process.

Frequently Asked Questions About UV Light Air Purification Technology

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the sale of devices deceivingly marketed as purifiers when they are not. In most cases, we recommend using UV light as one component of an air purification system and not relying on the light alone as the driver for purification. Air Oasis effectively uses UV to produce long-lasting ions rather than using the light as the sole source of purification.

An air purifier that also uses germicidal UV can sanitize air and surfaces. Air Oasis manufactures our units with UV technology in a way that will not cause any harm when used as instructed. Some people associate the UV light used in air purifiers with UV lamps and hazardous UVR. Even air purifiers with germicidal ultraviolet lighting, if not manufactured properly, can pose some risk.

We protect our skin against UV light by using sunscreen. Overexposure to UV light can cause damage to the skin and eyes. The UV light used in a high-quality air purifier like those from Air Oasis are designed to prevent direct exposure to UV light.

UV air purifiers were in the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because they have been tested in labs and proven effective at deactivating viruses such as coronavirus. Having been used in hospitals for decades, UV can sanitize surfaces and the air, protecting people from the spread of disease when properly designed and employed.

UV Light for Air Purification

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