What’s In The Air We Breathe? (Infographic)

More than you eat, more than you drink, more than you do anything else in your life, you breathe. It’s the one thing, other than maybe your heartbeat, that continues to happen even when you aren’t thinking about it. But even if you aren’t telling yourself, in your head, “Breathe in, breathe out,” you should definitely be thinking about the air around you! Pollutants in the air are too small for us to see, but over years of exposure they can bring us to our knees. And when we eventually leave our little planet and take to the stars, the quality of the air will be one of our first and foremost concerns.

This infographic is your one-stop reference to pollutants in the air, how to identify their sources, and how to reduce their harmful impacts. And if you’re taking a trip into outer space any time soon, we’re here to help you know what parts of Jupiter to avoid, too.

Clean Air Infographic