iAdaptAir Medium

Peace of mind in a box. Address health concerns and be proactive in loving the air you breathe. Go beyond a simple filter with reliable and advanced technologies.

  • Enjoy up to 550 sq ft of clean air.
  • Also availble in 250 & 850 sq ft models.
  • First filter included.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

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iAdaptAir Medium

Cover Your Whole Home for Less

$1,124 $899
1 Medium Purifier + 5-Filters

$2,995 $2,396
iAdaptAir Medium Bundle of 5

$1,647 $1,317
Condo-Apartment Bundle

$2,944 $2,355
Whole House Bundle

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Built to Go Beyond

Do more than filter particles. Get truly clean air with five stages of air purification so you can L❤️VE the air you breathe!

Most air purifiers are just a HEPA filter in a fancy package. As contaminants build up on these filters, they become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and viruses. A HEPA filter on its own is not enough to effectively clean indoor air, though its presence is an important role within an expansive system.

The iAdaptAir purifier goes beyond simple filtration that traps contaminants. This air purifier actually sterilizes mold, bacteria and viruses. This is accomplished via the addition of UV, silver ions and Bi-Polar ionization. All without the production of ozone.

Filter Breakdown
Hepa Filter 1 True H13 HEPA Filter

A medical grade H13 HEPA filter traps dust, dander, pollen and smoke. H13 HEPA filters go beyond True HEPA and are a trusted technology widely used in hospitals across the globe since the 1960’s.

Carbon Filter 2 Carbon Filter

88 Grams of activated carbon pellets absorb harmful VOCs (chemicals and odors), so you can love the smell of the air you breathe.

Silver Ion Filter 3 Silver Ion Filter

This high efficiency sterilizing filter utilizes a specialized coating that produces silver ions capable of passing through the cell membrane of microorganisms such as mold, bacteria and viruses to reduce pathogens up to 99%. Once it enters the cell, it disrupts the DNA to sterilize the organism. The ions recycle ensuring the effects won’t diminish over time.

Germicidal UV Light 4 Germicidal UV Light

First used in hospitals in 1936 to sterilize operating rooms, this technology quickly became a common source of sterilization without the use of chemicals. Photons from the 265nm lamp destroy and alter the DNA of pathogens, sterilizing up 99.9% of pathogens exposed to the UV rays. At 265nm the UV lamps will not produce ozone.

Bi-Polar Ionization 5 Bi-Polar Ionization

Positive and negative ions actively seek out and destroy contaminants throughout the room, not just in the air that passes through the purifer. As the positive and negative ions cluster contaminants, their larger size is easily trapped in filters or they become heavy enough to fall to the floor. Ions also penetrate microorganisms, disrupting their DNA and sterilizing them. Unlike negative ionizers, our Bi-Polar technology won’t increase static electricity or create ozone.

Spend Less & Breath More

Spend Less & Breathe More

Breathe more clean air that is. The medium iAdaptAir is an economical way to clean the air in spaces up to 550 sq. ft. with a single air purifier.

• Great value with big results• Cover up to 550 sq. ft. with a single air purifier
• Low fIlter replacement cost• Only replace the filter every six months to a year
• The tower design takes up minimal floor space • Start with one and add to your collection for other areas

Enjoy A Healthier Life and Live Longer

According to the EPA, indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air. Years of scientific research have clearly established that air pollution is a threat to human health at every stage of life, increasing many risks and shortening lives. Some groups are more at risk of illness and death than others. People who suffer from CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and mold toxicities can especially be at risk when exposed to air pollutants. Air purifiers, such as the iAdaptAir, are a great way to reduce indoor air pollutants.

Use with Right


Wheezing and coughing
Shortness of breath
Worsening COPD
Asthma attacks
Lung cancer



Premature death
Metabolic disorders
Heart attacks and strokes
Susceptibility to infections
Impaired cognitive functioning
Preterm births and low birth weight


Our puriers have been expertly third-party lab tested to ensure you can have the best indoor air. iAdaptAir puriers reduce contaminants by up to 99% after less than an hour of use and keep them down.

Allergens, Smoke, Dust & Dander

Particles come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Whether it’s wild fire smoke, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust or dander you can clear your air up to 99%.

Virus, Bacteria, & Mold

Fungus and Flu have no place in your home. Feel more confident every time you take a deep breath. iAdaptAir reduces mold, bacteria and viruses up to 99%.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Chemicals can infiltrate and linger in your air from cleaning supplies, building materials and furniture. Our air purifiers will reduce these VOCs up to 99% so you can breathe easy.

Sleep Like a Baby

Use the night mode feature to ensure a good night’s rest.

  • Quieter than a whisper at only 25 decibels
  • Soothing white noise to help you sleep
  • Cleaner air means better breathing
  • No lights to distract your slumber
  • Controls locked to ensure lights stay off and white noise remains constant
  • Soothing breeze to keep you cool at night

Stay in Control of Your Air

• Pressing the power button not only turns on the purifier, but gives you control of the UV light and Bi-Polar ionizer.

• Three fan speed options to put you in control of your air.

• Holding down the night mode button creates the perfect sleeping environment.

• The color-changing filter replacement button tells you when it’s time for a new filter and resets the reminder when you hold it down. The smart iAdaptAir uses an air quality sensor in conjunction with fan speed to determine the optimal time to replace your filter cartridge.

• Leaving in a few? The timer setting will ensure you save filter life and energy by automatically turning off the air purifier in 2, 4, or 8 hours.

• Smart mode turns on autopilot to save energy and filter life by automatically running your iAdaptAir purifier at the slowest fan speed possible to ensure clean air. If the purifier senses poor air quality the fan speed will temporarily increase.  The smart mode button can also turn the WiFi module on and off.

• The air quality sensor icons light up green, orange or red to alert you of changes in air quality, so you can adjust and stay in control of your air quality.

Diagram for the iAdaptAir Features



Warranty: Lifetime
Voltage: 100-240VAC - 24 WATTS
Dimensions: 11.2in x 11.2in x 28.3in
Weight: 15.5 lbs.
Fan rpm: Low 700, Medium 1000, High 1200
Timer Settings: 2hr, 4hr, 8hr
Coverage: 550 sq. ft.
Ozone: 0.00 PPM
Certifications: UL 2998 & CARB
Ion Output: 20,000,000 positive and negative
Noise Level: 25dB low / 52dB high


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