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Third Party Lab Tests: Air Purifier Technologies Against Allergens

Air Purifiers for Allergens

Allergies are a persistent, chronic issue for many families. Whether you have chemical sensitivities or suffer from seasonal allergies, air purifiers can help. Allergens permeate both outdoor and indoor air. Through repeated exposure, people and even pets can develop worsening allergy symptoms.  Limit allergen exposure with scientifically proven methods for purifying the air.

Two research-backed methods for air purification are:

  1. AHPCO Ionization
  2. Bi-Polar Ionization

Air Oasis has state of the art units that leverage both of these forms of air purifying technology. There are numerous factors in play to determine whether an air purifier is up to the task of eliminating common allergens. Here is some proof positive that Air Oasis air purifiers work against allergens and improve the air in your home.

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Read on to learn more about air purifiers for allergies and the official studies that prove the effectiveness of these technologies.

AHPCO Ionization: Overview

Researchers at Air Oasis developed a proprietary technology known as Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation, or AHPCO Rooted in earlier technology developed by NASA, a photocatalyst works to effectively and safely output negative and positive ions. Through rigorous testing, that technology was adapted for use in air purifiers for home, air purifiers for school, air purifiers for medical offices and air purifiers for all kinds of uses.

Here’s how the technology works (see accompanying illustration below):

  1. UV light is shined on a photocatalyst
  2. The water molecules in the air activate and reorganize
  3. Ions, such as H202, are produced
  4. These ions interact with single cell contaminants, including bacteria and viruses
  5. Bacteria and viruses are deactivated: RNA and DNA can no longer replicate

This deactivation at a molecular level is the power of AHPCO ionization.

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STUDY: Air Oasis Air Purifiers and Smoke

Cigarette smoke (first, second or even third hand) is a common cause of allergic reactions. Homes with or without indoor smokers may have issues. When the indoor air is negatively impacted, Air Oasis air purifiers can effectively eliminate the particulates of cigarette smoke.

The relevant study conducted to test this tested an air purifier in a room contaminated with cigarette smoke. The cigarette smoke was released over the course of ten minutes. After this, the Air Oasis air purifier was turned on for twenty minutes, with the fan speed set to high. 

The cigarette smoke particles peaked at two and a half million microns. At a rate of decay of 0.18, after 20 minutes, the particles were reduced to less than 100K. The pleated accordion filter in the Air Oasis air purifier effectively captured the majority of particles. With continuous use, it will reduce the smoke particles in air to a negligible amount, purifying the air and removing those allergens and irritants.

STUDY: Air Oasis Air Purifiers and Fine Dust

Another common source of allergies is fine dust in the air. Dust can include everything from dead skin cells and pet dander to plant-based allergens brought in from outdoors. All of these can contribute to acute allergy symptoms. 

A study conducted in Texas by IBR Laboratories tested an Air Oasis air purifier against fine dust particles. The Air Oasis filtered unit was set to high. Over the course of three test cycles, the Air Oasis air purifier effectively filtered out the vast majority of microns of fine dust that had been released into the air:

  • Test 1: fine dust started at over 4M microns. After 20 minutes of the Air Oasis air purifier running, the count was reduced to under 26K.
  • Test 2: fine dust started at 3.7M microns. After 20 minutes of the Air Oasis air purifier running, the count was reduced to just over 20K.
  • Test 3: fine dust started at 4.8M microns. After 20 minutes of the Air Oasis air purifier running, the count was reduced to just over 30K.

This significant fine dust reduction proved to researchers that Air Oasis air purifiers are effective enough to reduce allergens.

STUDY: Air Oasis Air Purifiers and Pollen

Pollen is a third common source of allergens. There are forms of pollen that are visible and some that are too small to be seen. As the seasons pass, symptoms from pollen allergies may worsen. An air purifier can help, as this study proves.

This study was also conducted by IBR Laboratories and tested Air Oasis air purifiers against paper mulberry pollen. The room was set up and natural decay taken into account. The Air Oasis air purifier was set to high. Three cycles of this study were conducted. In the best one, the Air Oasis air purifier effectively eliminated 92% of pollen from the air in only 10 minutes.

AHPCO Ionization: Buy Air Purifiers

Air Oasis subjects all of our consumer technology to rigorous, third-party testing. This is to ensure that you are only buying the highest quality units that are truly effective to improve the air in your home, office or school.

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