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Laboratory Tests: Air Purifier Technologies Against Mold

Air Purifiers for Mold

Mold can grow anywhere. When it grows in your home, office or school, it releases mold spores into the air. These can wreak havoc on people’s health. When indoor air quality is compromised in this way, it’s essential that air purifiers for mold are part of the solution.

There are two primary kinds of air purification technology that are scientifically proven to reduce mold spores in the air:

  1. AHPCO Ionization
  2. Bi-Polar Ionization

These are research-backed approaches to protecting your family or office staff from the sicknesses that can be caused by mold.

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For some people, even trace amounts of mold can cause chronic, debilitating illness.

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Read on to learn more about air purifiers for mold and the official studies that prove the effectiveness of these technologies.

AHPCO Ionization: Overview

Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation, or AHPCO, is a proprietary technology developed by Air Oasis. This photocatalyst works to maximize effective and safe ion output. This sophisticated technology was developed by NASA. We have adapted it to use in our air purifiers.

Here’s how it works (see accompanying illustration below):

  1. UV light is shined on a photocatalyst
  2. The water molecules in the air activate and reorganize
  3. Ions, such as H202, are produced
  4. These ions interact with single cell contaminants, including bacteria and viruses
  5. Bacteria and viruses are deactivated: RNA and DNA can no longer replicate

This deactivation at a molecular level is the power of AHPCO ionization.

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STUDY: AHPCO Ionization Reduced Aeroallergens

This study was precipitated by publications in noteworthy journals, stating that mold was one of the primary health concerns for indoor air quality in markets and other public places. Improved indoor air quality is the only way to effectively prevent the growth of mold. This study provided a fungal exposure assessment and analyzed the effect of the Air Oasis air purifier to lower spore and pollen counts.

Using a standard spore trap and jelly emulsion on tape, the allergens would be captured. Researchers observed how indoor aero allergens, including mold spores, were impacted by the use of an ionizing air purifier. Observations occurred at two hours, eight hours, 24 hours and 72 hours. 

Before testing, mold spores, mycelia, hyphae and other fungal bodies were present in the indoor air. The sample plates were set at different distances from the air purifier and the unit was tested on high and low. Within 24 hours, there was no significant microbial growth, no microbial colonies and no aeroallergens.

STUDY: iAdaptAir and Airborne Fungus

In a 2018 study, the Air Oasis iAdaptAir was tested as an air sanitizer device against airborne fungus, Aspergillus niger. Aerosolized samples were released into the air. The air purifier was set to high and operated by remote control. After being released, the fungus load was 2.6, 2.5, 2.5 over the course of three trials. In all three, after 10 minutes of being enclosed with the iAdaptAir on high, the fungus was reduced by 99.9%.

Chart illustrating results of scientific studies testing Air Oasis purifiers against air-borne fungus.

Results based on laboratory testing. Actual results may vary.

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Bi-Polar Ionization: Overview

Bi-Polar ionization is sometimes called cold plasma ionization. This cleans the air in the following way:

  1. Water vapor is separated into positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions
  2. These ions interact with single-cell contaminants, including bacteria and viruses
  3. Bacteria and viruses are deactivated: RNA and DNA are interrupted to stop their reproduction
  4. Ions reform into H20

Any droplets in the air that contain harmful pathogens are trapped, causing them to fall out of the air. They are deactivated or simply decompose.

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STUDY: Bi-Polar 2400 and Visible Mold

Eronmor Indoor Environmental Consultants performed this trial by installing the Air Oasis Bi-Polar 2400 in a high wall split air-conditioning unit. A single story, two-bedroom apartment with visible mold on the carpet, walls, ceilings and flooring was the environment for this test. 15 different kinds of mold (>1755 spores and hyphae) were present.

No other air filtration devices were used. The Bi-Polar 2400 was set on “fan only” mode and ran for five days. Air sampling was conducted at the end of the five-day period. The result was a 97% reduction, lowering the airborne mold count to about 55. The cold plasma ionization worked perfectly to trap the mold spores, where they could then be removed from all surfaces.

Chart illustrating results of scientific studies testing Air Oasis purifiers and MRSA reduction.

Results based on laboratory testing. Actual results may vary.

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It is important that you make an educated decision when buying an air purifier for your home, air purifier for your office or air purifier for your medical practice.

Protect Your Family From Mold

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