Air Purifiers for Smoke

CARB certified, True HEPA filtration, carbon filtration, plus ionization to rapidly clear your air of smoke.

Wildfire Smoke Air Purifier: Breathe Clean Air

Lingering smoke particulates are inhaled and get lodged in textiles, walls and ceilings. These harmful particles and toxins can be addressed with the right air purifier. Air Oasis has a unique solution combining two types of filtration with ionization. Certified for sale in California by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

iAdaptAir® HEPA Air Purifier

Filtration Plus Ionization to Address Smoke

Smoke, small particulate matter, and VOCs are filtered out with iAdaptAir®’s multistage system that includes True HEPA and carbon filtration, plus ionization that has additional air cleaning power against smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions About Secondhand and Wildfire Smoke

Cigarette smoke contains minute airborne particulates. These can recirculate through a home and even remain in the fabric or carpet. All of this has a damaging effect on your family’s health. If you want to truly remove smoke particles from the air, you need an air purifier. The right technology can capture and eliminate cigarette smoke, effectively cleaning the air in your home, office or public building.

Secondhand smoke is toxic and dangerous to you and your loved ones. Air purifiers can mitigate the negative impact and reduce the odors of cigarette smoke. While spaces can be deep-cleaned, the air itself needs to be filtered so that adverse health effects don’t occur. It’s important that you buy an air purifier that is sophisticated enough to remove gasses and all VOCs. Air Oasis has several great options that use proprietary technology to clean the air.

Indoor air purifiers are scientifically proven to improve indoor air quality. They can remove the particulates of smoke due to wildfires, cigarettes and cigars. Numerous scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of air purifiers to reduce the odor and health impact of smoke residue.

Most commonly, HEPA and carbon air purifiers are recommended for smoke. HEPA uses a fine mesh filter that is small enough to trap particles leftover from wildfire smoke or cigarette smoke. Air Oasis has several multi-stage filtration systems that can effectively remove smoke from the air, like carbon filtration which also helps address the VOC and odor aspects of smoke.

Wildfire smoke is a prevalent problem in certain regions of the United States. In the first half of 2021 alone, there were more than 34,400 wildfires in the U.S., which burned nearly a million acres of land. If your home is anywhere near these, you may struggle with the smell and negative health impacts of smoke indoors. Air purifiers can help by filtering out the particulates that are the root cause of what you smell, and even see in the form of smoke or smog. Protect your indoor air from wildfire smoke smells by using a multi-stage air purifier that traps volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as sanitizing the air and surfaces.

The best air purifiers for wildfire smoke are going to remove smoke particulates. This means filtering out extremely small particles. True HEPA is a great method for achieving this, as it uses a fan to force air through a very fine mesh, effectively trapping wildfire smoke particles. Air purifiers for smoke are one of the only ways to ensure your family is safe, even when the air outside is full of smoke and smog.

In areas prone to wildfires, you may deal with smoke in the house seasonally or during unexpected occurrences. Year round, you can keep wildfire smoke smells out of your home by following a few tips: keep windows and doors closed; use fans and control the airflow; regularly change your HVAC air filters; use portable air purifiers with True HEPA to remove smoke particles from the air.

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