Air Purifiers for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Chemicals, Gasses and More: Protect Yourself From the Harmful Effects of VOCs

VOCs Are in the Air: Get Rid of Them!

Just because they’re “organic” doesn’t mean they’re good! The EPA has found that the average home has as many as 5 times more pollutants indoors than there are outdoors.

iAdaptAir® HEPA Air Purifier

The Smartest Home Air Purifier

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Allergens and small particulate matter are completely filtered out with iAdaptAir®’s multistage system that includes HEPA, UV, AHPCO® and Bi-Polar® technologies.

Air Oasis iAdaptAir® HEPA Air Purifier comes in 3 sizes - small, medium, large

Bi-Polar® 2400 Whole House Air Purifier

Whole House Ionic Air Purifier

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Clear your air of allergens and contaminants with this whole house air purifier that connects to your HVAC system. The Bi-Polar® 2400 is a filterless, no-maintenance central air purifier.

Air Oasis iAdaptAir® HEPA Air Purifier comes in 3 sizes - small, medium, large

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5 stars review

Purchased Unit for a Chronic Lyme Patient

Purchased an iAdaptAir unit for a chronic Lyme patient (son) who is extremely sensitive to airborne pollutants such as voc's, mold spores, etc. We have been using a brand name hepa air purifier for years, but it wasn't able to adequately clean and sanitize the room air. After only one day of running the iAdaptAir, there was a noticeable improvement in air quality. Our son indicated that he is sleeping better since running the iAdaptAir. We highly recommend this product!

Phil D.

Verified Buyer

Yotpo Review - 09/04/19

5 stars review

This unit ROCKS!

This unit ROCKS! I was working in a small relatively unventilated wheelchair repair shop, and the VOCs were just awful between the oil solvents, battery smells (sealed) and just plain used wheelchair smells. (the) air purifier cleaned that room up overnight! Simply amazing!


Yotpo Review - 10/11/18

5 stars review

Invaluable to the Quality of the Air in Our Very Old House


Yotpo Review - 10/12/18

5 stars review

Clean Air!

We bought the unit to help clear the air of harmful chemical odors from new furniture that we bought. My wife couldn’t sit on it for 5 months because of the chemicals in the fabric! After a week of having the unit on in the living room, my wife was able to sit on the furniture with no ill effects! The unit is quiet, looks good in the room, and has been very effective in making our lives better! Thank you!

Arturo M.

Yotpo Review - 07/22/17

5 stars review

Great Product

We purchased this for our dance studio and they have worked very well. We painted our ballet barres with an oil based paint and returned an hour later to the space and there was no paint odor!

Kevin H.

Yotpo Review - 08/19/20

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Scientific Studies

Bi-Polar® Ionization for Reducing Pathogens and Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is present in particle board, glues, permanent press fabrics, paper products, fiberboard, disinfectants, germicides and more. In a fiberglass chamber, the performance of the Air Oasis purifier was tested against formaldehyde on petri dishes. There was a steady decrease of formaldehyde, with a final count of 0 formaldehyde after 120 hours of running the Air Oasis air purifier.

HEPA and Odor Reduction: One of the primary offenders (or first indicators) of VOCs is a foul odor. In this study, the Air Oasis HEPA air filters were tested against VOCs that were causing bad smells. Natural decay would cause the odor to reduce by 4.7% after an hour. The Air Oasis air purifier dramatically accelerated this process, increasing the rate of reduction by 7 times.

Results based on laboratory testing. Actual results may vary.

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Air Oasis air purifiers can clean your indoor air!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Volatile Organic Compounds lead to poor indoor air quality. Many of the chemicals and cleaning products used in your home emit gases. These can have all sorts of negative health effects, from eczema to respiratory issues. An air purifier is the best path to reduce VOCs and achieve cleaner indoor air.

There are a variety of sources for VOCs. They may be present in paints, aerosol spray, dry-cleaned clothing, pesticides and disinfectants. Sometimes, they will be emitted by craft materials, furnishings and office equipment (like printers or copiers). You cannot “clean” VOCs out of your home, as they may be emitted by items you need to operate your household. To improve the quality of air in your home, you can buy an air purifier.

VOCs are a common reason for “sick building syndrome.” They can be present in private homes or public spaces. They cause poor health effects when the concentration gets too high and should be removed. It is possible to increase ventilation or buy indoor plants. The most effective way to get rid of VOCs is with an air purifier. You can buy air purifiers that clean the air in an entire building or home, or buy air purifiers for each room. This is the best line of defense to remove VOCs from the air in your home.

Air purifiers can trap both the large and small particles that VOCs are made of. Microscopic particles circulate through the air and damage your health. When they do, the best option is to buy an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers use a variety of technologies, such as carbon filtration or ionization, to get rid of VOCs and other harmful things in the air.