Air Oasis vs. Molekule

Air Oasis vs. Molekule

Environmental and manmade factors continuously and negatively affect the air we breathe each day. From increased pollution and natural gasses to viruses and wildfires, clean air is a high-value commodity in today’s world.

Whether you have an underlying health condition such as asthma or suffer from seasonal allergies, consumers are wise to look to the source of their poor air quality. Wear an N95 mask, clean your home, remove the source of allergens, and perhaps most importantly–consider purchasing a high-quality air purifier to purify the air in your home. 

Offered by both Molekule and Air Oasis, HEPA filters are proven to enhance indoor air quality (IAQ). HEPA filtration uses high-efficiency filters to capture more than 99% of particulates in the air that are at least .3 microns in size. You can effectively remove pollen, dust, larger smoke particles, and pet dander by purchasing a high-quality air purifier for your home. Now the big question: which model to buy.

Overview of Molekule

Somewhat famous on social media, Molekule air purifiers are highlighted by their sleek, cylindrical design created as the perfect fit for a clean, minimalist home. With a big focus on social media advertising, Molekule air purifiers will catch your eye with brand-specific mint-green graphics and strong claims to destroy harmful molds, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals inside your home.

Molekule manufacturers claim to have revolutionized air cleaning with proprietary PECO technology. While a classic mesh filter, such as HEPA, only captures airborne particles, PECO technology can break down gasses. Coating filters achieve this in a catalyst that reacts to UV light to oxidize gaseous pollutants and break them down to become harmless molecules. 

Still, while effortlessly stylish, the Molekule Air and Molekule Air Pro models get only mediocre ratings for smoke and dust removal at high speeds and very low scores at low speeds. Ranking as the 7th lowest-scoring air purifier by Consumer Reports, understand that you may be giving up some functionality for the dreamy design.

Overview of  Air Oasis

Air Oasis air purifiers are highlighted by their iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier’s multistage system, including medical-grade HEPA, carbon filtration, germicidal UV light, silver ion, and Bi-Polar® technologies. This process filters out allergens and even the smallest particulate matter. 

Air Oasis’ product line features the premier iAdaptAir purifiers, the filterless IonicAir purifier, or the new and economical 94 HEPA purifier. The medical-grade True HEPA filtration system in Air Oasis models protects your health by trapping unwanted contaminants so they cannot be inhaled. 

In addition to filtration, Air Oasis uniquely pairs ionization technology to actively reduce contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Their website has details on how this works.

Specific Air Oasis air purifier models offer a smartphone app for remote control as a bonus feature. 

With a lifetime warranty offered on all products and a 60-day money-back guarantee, Air Oasis confidently assures consumers they will love its products.

Molekule Features

As the only PECO-HEPA-powered air purifier on the market, Molekule is best for individuals looking for filtration from allergies, wildfire smoke, mold, and viruses. 

Molekule air purifiers differ from other air purifiers on the market as they combine PECO and HEPA technologies, trapping pollutants on a filter to destroy them at the molecular level. PECO technology specifically destroys bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

With sleek technology offerings, Molekule air purifiers allow you to connect your purifier to control fan speeds, see your air quality in real time, and even track individual pollutant types in your home over a month-long period. With weekly and even daily updates via the app, you can stay up-to-date on the current air quality in your home.

Molekule offers two air purifier models, the Air Mini+ and the Air Pro, priced at $359.99 and $1,014.99, respectively. Models cover up to 250 square feet or up to 1000 square feet, depending on the model.

All Molekule models include a first filter for free and a 2-year warranty. 

Air Oasis Features

Air Oasis air purifiers are famously known for their multistage filtration system, including HEPA, UV, silver ion, and Bi-Polar® technologies. With this advanced level of filtration, Air Oasis air purifiers are ideal for allergens, dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander. All models promise to reduce mold, bacteria, and viruses by up to 99% and remove even the finest particulate matter from your home's indoor air.

Priced starting at $149 and up to $699 for their largest models, different Air Oasis air purifier models can cover from 250 square feet up to 850 square feet, making them ideal for anything from a small bedroom to a large living room. 

Specific models offer advanced technology offerings, including smartphone app features. 

All Air Oasis models include a first filter for free, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and a valuable lifetime warranty. 

Air Oasis vs. Molekule Feature List

Molekule and Air Oasis both highlight impressive product offerings. In the purchasing process, customers must determine the specific features that best meet their air purifier needs. The feature chart below outlines air purifier product features for Air Oasis versus Molekule models.




$359.99 and $1,014.99

$149 to $699


250 sq ft to 1000 sq ft, depending on the model 

250 sq ft to 850 sq ft, depending on the model 

HEPA filtration



Five-stage filtration



Heating features



Humidifying features


No–only available as a separate humidifier purchase

Formaldehyde removal features 



Cooling features



Color options



Best used for

Allergies, wildfire smoke, mold, VOCs, and viruses

Mold, allergens, dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, virus, bacteria, and VOCs

Particulate removal



Filter included (y/n)



Smartphone app


Available only for select models

Remote control (y/n)



Money-back guarantee






Who is Molekule Best For?

With proprietary PECO technology, Molekule air purifiers will be most effective for customers looking to destroy bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Combined with HEPA technology, which captures allergens and other small particles, you will effectively improve the air in your home with this two-part technology.

Who is Air Oasis Best For?

Air Oasis offers maximum effectiveness for particle filtration with its multistage filtration system featuring HEPA, Carbon, UV, silver ion, and Bi-Polar® technologies. For the cleanest air, Air Oasis air purifiers can effectively filter up to 99% of particulates in your indoor air.

Molekule Reviews

Third-party reviews share a neutral picture of how a product operates and how a brand delivers. 

From a Home Depot customer, “After more than a month of breathing wildfire smoke this summer, I decided it was time to get an indoor air purifier, and this was the best option available. Like other air purifiers, it’s worth evaluating the cost of replacement filters. Unlike other air purifiers, the Molekule has an app that includes a feature to automatically reorder new filters when sensors indicate that it’s time to replace - plus there is a discount for using the automatic ordering feature in the app. The unit itself is definitely the most attractive purifier on the market, and it was easy to set up (see the graphical quickstart guide in my photos). I set my Molekule up in my bedroom, which is part of a 800-sq ft second story suite, and the Molekule got the air quality from red to green within a day or two of first turning it on. I’ve now had it for about two months and am completely satisfied with its ability to clean my indoor air - no more sinus headaches, itchy eyes, or scratchy throat. I recommend it for anybody who lives in an area that is subject to high particulate pollution (PM2.5, which is the big winter issue where I live).”

From an Amazon customer, “Sleek, quiet, effective! Easy 5 stars for a lower price and less expensive filters. Those that bemoan the “science” or give poor reviews are either denying their senses or have not used the machine as prescribed. Honest objectivity will immediately recognize a significant improvement in virtually any residential unfiltered space.”

Air Oasis Reviews

Positive reviews are the greatest compliment to a brand–they tell the true customer story, and they depict whether a product truly works. These are real reviews from satisfied Air Oasis customers.

“Information was well presented and understandable online. I called and spoke to Oasis representative and she was polite and helpful. I have seen a difference in myself with allergies and my dog. My first time renting in 50 years. Prior tenants smoked and burned incense a lot. Seems to be helping in many areas.” Judith

“I am a medical provider that treats patients with chronic inflammatory response syndrome. I absolutely LOVE Air Oasis products and use them in my offices and home. If you want quality, then Air Oasis is the company to use!” Paula, MD

What’s Better: Molekule or Air Oasis?

If you are looking for tech and sleek design, Molekule may be the best fit for you. The slim design will meet the aesthetic of your modern home, complemented by a thoughtfully designed Molekule patented app with real-time data on the air in your home. With proprietary PECO technology, you get a big tech upgrade with the combination of PECO and HEPA filtration.

Air Oasis is hard to outperform if pure effectiveness is what you are after. What you may give up in beautiful design or fancy app features, you will make up for in actual purification success.

The best model for your family will depend on a variety of factors, including the various types of air pollution, intended use, and home aesthetic. If your home air is heavy in VOCs and design matters to you, Molekule may be the ideal choice. If the best quality air purification is what you are after to combat allergies or asthma, the effectiveness of Air Oasis air purifier products is hard to beat.

Shop Air Oasis’ premier iAdaptAir purifier line, filterless IonicAir purifier, or a discounted bundle to clean the air in your entire home.

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