Air Purifiers for Daycares and Nurseries

Air Purifiers for Daycares and Nurseries

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, one essential service that couldn’t close was daycare. Even the nurseries that closed for a few weeks quickly reopened so that parents could go back to work. Without this, the economy would be worse off, with many parents simply unable to both care for young children and work from home.

Daycares and nurseries provide care that enables first responders and medical professionals to continue working. In many cases, the daycare workers who cared for the children of essential personnel were themselves the unsung heroes that allowed hospitals and medical facilities to continue running. Even so, daycares were not immune from the impact of COVID-19. 

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) asked for $50 billion in emergency stimulus to protect the industry from the financial fallout of COVID-19. The daycare centers that can remain open are doing so with the highest health and safety standards.

Daycare Health and Safety

90% of daycare facilities are privately run. Whether they are franchise owners or individuals, the people who run daycares are often pillars in the community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes the high value of care like this in communities around the nation. They provided specific standards and guidance for child care facilities. This included:

  • Everyday preventative measures, such as hand washing
  • Careful supervision of children using hand sanitizer
  • Teaching children how to cough and sneeze
  • No masks on babies under the age of two
  • Careful communication with parents
  • Staff oversight of visible symptoms and administrator communication at signs of illness

The youngest children deserve the best care. As with any other shared facility, indoor air quality is an important factor in preventing the spread of illnesses. Many private daycares are installing air purifiers to protect children from COVID-19 and other germs.

Air Purifiers for Daycares

Daycares often welcome children as young as six weeks, up to four or five years of age. At these tender ages, children are just developing immunity to germs. This makes them especially vulnerable. Add in that COVID-19 is often asymptomatic at young ages and daycares could easily be a prime source of spreading the virus. It’s essential that daycare administrators and staff exercise the utmost caution.

Air purifiers have been proven to stop the spread of viruses like COVID-19. This is done through a variety of highly technical and effective processes.

If you are buying a daycare air purifier, some are more effective than others against viruses. Here are the specifics:

HEPA Air Purifiers for Daycare

HEPA: HEPA is a very common air purification method. It is very effective against bacteria and can filter even very small particles out of the air. However, it does not deactivate viruses. While it can capture and filter viruses out of the air, it does not sanitize in the same way as ionization or other air purifying methods. HEPA is most effective when combined with other filtration methods for a comprehensive approach to contaminants in the air.

Tap here to shop for our multi-system, iAdaptAir® with HEPA filtration. These units are popular air purifiers for daycare, as they are easy to plug in and use in individual rooms.

Ionic Air Purifiers for Daycare

Ionization: ionic air purifiers are a powerful way to actually remove droplets, particules, allergens and other contaminants from the air. The Air Oasis ionic air purifiers use cold plasma ionization.  Our proprietary AHCPO® ionization is based on innovative NASA technology. This powerful method blankets a room in ions and is completely safe and effective. 

Tap here to shop for the Bi-PolarⓇ 2400 air purifiers, which can be attached to your daycare heating and cooling system and protect children and staff from germs. If you prefer an individual room approach as an air purifier for daycare, tap here to shop for our G3 series, ionic air purifiers online.

UV Air Purifiers for Daycare

UV: ultraviolet light has germicidal properties. It can be used to sanitize air. When you have many little bodies in a room, there are bound to be fluids on surfaces and droplets in the air. Because this is inevitable, technology that leverages UV light may be advisable. UV light can actually deactivate viruses, making it very effective in limiting the spread of this coronavirus.

Tap here to shop for the nano Induct™ Whole House Air Purifier, which may effectively kill germs throughout an entire daycare facility

Daycare Air Purifier Reviews

Air purifiers for daycares and schools are becoming a standard issue. This is because people see noticeable results. Here is feedback from some of our Air Oasis school administrator and parent customers:

The air purifiers we purchased for our school classrooms are a great extra assurance to our parents that we are keeping their children safe and healthy. These air purifiers work great!

David G.

Families with children are also installing air purifiers in their homes. We are happy with the results our customers see:

“My family and I just moved into a new home three weeks ago. We are very health oriented people and want our children to have the best chance at life that we can provide. We have been hearing more and more about the poor indoor air quality in most homes today and decided to try your Indoor Air Quality Test Kit. I figured since our home was new that the air must be great. Boy was I wrong! After seeing the results I was almost afraid to take another breath. My husband and I decided to purchase the Air Oasis™ 3000 air purifier at once. We took your advice and after using the unit for six days we retested in the same room. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the before and after pictures I have included do the talking. I only wish we would have purchased one sooner.”

April B.

Air Purifiers for Childcare Facilities

Air Oasis has been on the frontlines of protecting children and families through the COVID-19 pandemic. We sell air purifiers to daycares, childcare facilities and schools. We are a family-owned business. With families and children of our own, we cherish the opportunity to serve communities nationwide by providing state-of-the-art technology for your home or daycare.

If you are interested in bulk purchases or need more expert guidance, our friendly sales team can assist you. Go here to make contact.


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