Back to School: Clean Air & Student Health

Back to School: Clean Air & Student Health

Like most parents, the “are they going/are they not going” dance is borderline excruciating. Wondering whether my six year old can hack a year of virtual learning has been a challenge. At the end of the day: he can’t. And schools are making every effort to receive and engage with the millions of children who are heading back to school this fall.

Throughout the COVID-19, my family has been compliant. We wear masks. We observe social distancing. My son even had micro-Birthday-parties with a rotation of two families at a time. Our goal is to protect both ourselves and others from the spread of disease.

So, on the cusp of a new school year, parents are deeply concerned and asking questions like,

  • How do I know my child will be safe at school this year?
  • What COVID-19 restrictions and standards are in place for classrooms?
  • Will my child get COVID-19 at school?

Some of these questions are legitimately unanswerable. Numerous unknowns are in play. But there are some solid knowns and those relate to what schools are doing to protect our kids. The good news is: it’s a lot. 

CDC Standards for Schools

CDC has ongoing mitigation guidance for schools:

  • Social distancing, which can be implemented by spacing desks and adjusting lunchroom schedules.
  • Face coverings, which should be specifically stored, labeled and washed each day.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting with extra frequency and using CDC-recommended cleaners.

You may notice that extra cloth face coverings and hand sanitizer (minimum of 60% alcohol) are at the top of your classroom supply list this year.

Air Purifiers for Schools

One above-and-beyond step that school districts around the U.S. are taking is to install building and individual room air purifiers in schools. Classroom air purifiers and even air purifiers attached to HVAC can help reduce the spread of sickness through bacteria and viruses in the air and also on surfaces

Some of the technologies that directly address the contagious illnesses are:

Ionic air purifiers. These use technology that provides a blanket of ions, which effectively reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens and dust..

Tap here to shop for our G3 series, ionic air purifiers online.

HEPA. HEPA filters have long been used to get particulates and contaminants out of the air. Especially when the air purifier combines HEPA filtration with ionization technolgies, classrooms and schools can vastly improve indoor air quality and protect teachers and students.

Tap here to shop for our multi-system, iAdaptAir® with HEPA filtration.

Whole house/building HVAC air purifiers. To meet the needs of families and schools or offices, Air Oasis has the innovative Bi-Polar HVAC air purifiers. These leverage the ionic air purification technique known as cold plasma and provide the utmost coverage and protection to cycle purified air through any space. The added benefit to ionic air purification is surface sanitization. The ions reduce contaminants on surfaces as well as in the air.

Tap here to shop for the Bi-Polar 2400 air purifiers.

School Air Purifiers: Reviews

Air Oasis is a bit ahead of the curve, having long seen that children need the protection of clean air at home and school. We have worked with many school systems (and do so in growing numbers), to provide the highest quality air purifiers for whole buildings and individual classrooms. This packs a one-two punch and, especially with concerns of COVID-19 and back to school, are increasingly essential purchases for school boards.

Jay F.

Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating


School sanitization

Using them to continuously clean our elementary school classrooms and offices. Looking to buy more for the rest of the facility. We find them easy to use and give our school parents a sense of attention to detail.

Kristen N.

Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating


iAdapt Air 150 sq. feet

I recently purchased one of these for my son’s dorm room, since he already has sensitivity to mold. I did a lot of research online about what models were best, and as a MD myself, I wanted to make sure I was getting him a safe and well-made product. Air Oasis ticked all my boxes! So far, we are very pleased with the unit: i really like that it has 3 fan speed settings, so he can put it on low or medium at night. Actually, all 3 settings are very reasonable in terms of noise. We have already noticed an improvement in how the air feels in his room. Thanks for a great product!

Tom A.

Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating


Classroom 215

We had recently purchased and installed a 3000G3 Air Purifier unit in a classroom in our school. We immediately noticed a "fresher" scent to the air coming from the unit.

Our product line is available to a variety of clients like this. We sell air purifiers to schools, air purifiers to private schools and air purifiers to daycare centers. Contact us to learn about the air purifiers you can buy for your school.

Air Purifiers and Viruses

While there is no 100% effective silver bullet to protect your child from getting this coronavirus at school, the right kind of air purifier could make a difference. I get that we’re all kind of steeled for the “your child has a fever” call the first few weeks of school. After all, most of our little ones have been pretty isolated for several months. That in itself would probably lead to some sickness as they encounter all of their sweet, germy friends. Add a highly infectious virus on the loose and there are bound to be calls from the nurse’s office.

As we add tools to our arsenal to strengthen our families’ immune systems, an air purifier is an absolute must have. This is because an air purifier in your home or an air purifier in their classroom can literally deactivate viruses. There is ample research and science to back this up. If you want to read more about how it works, here are some resources:

The Importance of IAQ in Recovery

Can UV Light Kill Viruses?

Air Purifiers Support Health and Immunity

COVID-19 and Back to School

If you’re like me, you’ve felt a little strange even seeing all of the back to school gear at stores. What used to be a joyful, anticipatory season is definitely different this year. As we coach our children on how to sneeze into their elbows and x-nay high-fives with friends, it’s also important that we don’t squelch their love of learning. Elementary, middle and high school are all precious years of preparation for life. 

As parents, we’ve weathered plenty of storms. This is simply another, unique challenge on the journey. And we’ll do everything we can to make sure our kiddos are ready to show up every day, be their best with bravery and optimism. If you want to shore up your defenses at home or recommend an air purifier to your school administration, click here to learn more about Air Oasis purifiers.

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