Back to Work: Companies Prioritizing Employee Health With Air Purifiers for Offices

Back to Work: Companies Prioritizing Employee Health With Air Purifiers for Offices

As vaccine counts rise and COVID-19 cases decrease, many companies are inviting employees back to work. There are some pervasive concerns about heading back into the office, not least of which is a concern over health and safety. Leading corporations are setting precedents for de-densifying office spaces and instituting long-term policies for cleaning and sanitizing shared spaces. One key tactic most are employing is the installation of office air purifiers. This and other efforts are going a long way in putting employees’ minds at ease as they make the transition.

Air Oasis is here to support your employees’ return to the office: read on to learn more about the science behind air purifiers for the office and why these are being prioritized by business owners around the country.

Returning to the Office: Why Indoor Air Quality is a Top Priority

One report from George Mason University indicates that 85% of employees are worried about catching the virus if they go back to work and more than 75% are unsure how to mitigate risk of sickness in the workplace. 

Employee surveys have indicated that workers are concerned to return to work for these reasons:

  1. Safety precautions may not be enforced or effective.
  2. They may have to work in close proximity to sick coworkers.

Their fears are not unfounded, and some of them are related to the very air they breathe. A recent study by the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggested that a long-term exposure to airborne pollutants increases vulnerability for severe outcomes from COVID-19. 

In the U.K., commercial properties and new offices are increasing ventilation rates to reduce the risk of viral transmission. It’s clear that leaders are on the same page: clean air in offices is a top priority.

Pandemic News: The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

The pandemic brought numerous things into focus, including the importance of a strong immune system as well as how airborne viruses spread. A breath, a cough, a sneeze: everyone living daily life in a mask became acutely aware of the reality of what we inhale and exhale and how it impacts the people around us.

As a result, a whole new focus was given to the importance of indoor air quality.

Is Your Office Air Quality Safe?

This is the big, looming question as people return to work: is it safe? The Environmental Protection Agency and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (as well as other entities) have collectively and individually issued information to put people’s minds at ease. There are concrete steps that businesses can take to improve indoor air quality and ensure employees are safe at work.

The latest research indicates the effectiveness of a layered strategy for COVID-19 prevention, which includes the ventilation interventions listed here:

  • Opening windows and using fans to increase circulation
  • Adding high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA filters
  • Adding ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers

An example of a multi-stage air purifier for offices, which includes these CDC recommendations, is the Air Oasis iAdaptAirⓇ: click here to learn more.

Back to Work: Improving Air Quality and Ventilation in Commercial Buildings

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) explains that indoor air quality and ventilation are both useful for employee health and comfort. Symptoms of poor indoor air quality can be chronic, and of course the risk of virus or bacterial transmissions looms large. Some states have specific regulations around indoor air quality, which are being adopted at a great scale in light of COVID-19 and people returning to work.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing and Maintenance

Commercial buildings, where most corporations are housed and people work, are getting upgrades and aligning with new protocol to ensure employee safety. Here is how that process is rolling out in three high-population areas in the U.S.:

Clean Air Regulations in New York

New York City’s government leaders have been vocal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with a health crisis in one of the most densely populated cities in the nation was an acute challenge. Now, between 45%-51% of employees in most fields are returning to work in an office. The New York Department of Health specifically speaks to issues of indoor air quality on a dedicated web page, and businesses are being diligent about best practices.

Clean Air Regulations in California 

In California, clean indoor air quality gets an assist from environmental consultants and local vendors. The state-specific statutes enforce proactive air quality prevention programs, business owner/employee training and implementation resources. The California Air Resources Board is actively working with businesses and regulatory agencies to ensure that everyone returns to a safe work environment.

Texas: Air Purifier Manufacturing at its Safest

Air Oasis offers U.S. made and manufactured air purifiers. As a leading market provider, our headquarters in Texas has been up and running to meet the demand for office air purifiers and air purifiers for HVAC in office buildings. In a display of unparalleled dedication, our teams have continued to clock in and work hard to ensure the health and safety of homes and offices around the country. We are proud to say that, even through the pandemic, we have supplied air purifiers to schools, doctor’s offices, specialist medical practices, and thousands of homes. 

Best Office Air Purifiers

With such focus on this area, it is now common to see air purifiers in doctor’s offices, dance studios, reception areas and more. If they use the right technology and processes, this can be the most effective way to achieve cleaner indoor air.

UV light can kill viruses. When used with ionic air purification, HEPA and other advanced systems, indoor air can become  significantly reduced of pollutants, contaminants, virus and other airborne particulates or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is the kind of clean that experts are talking about, and it is made possible by the best in class air purifiers from Air Oasis.

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