Black Friday Deals on Air Purifiers

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‘Tis the season for holiday wish lists and an endless stream of advertisements selling you that next hottest item. Everyone knows the feeling of being inundated with holiday gift lists. 

We want you to spend your money wisely this holiday season.

Purchasing items that improve quality of life and health are the gifts that keep giving, quite literally. 

At Air Oasis, our mission is to serve the health of families in their homes all year round. 

The best Black Friday deals on air purifiers won’t leave you with only the cheapest options. 

Because air purifiers can range from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, they’re an investment item for the special people on your gift list. The choice to buy an air purifier as a gift is a great choice this holiday season.

With an impressive line-up of air purification products, use your holiday budget to invest in health and quality of life. 

Air Purifiers on Amazon

With the convenience of Amazon, no matter the items on your gift list this year, it’s helpful to check for deals leading up to the holiday season. With a robust Black Friday annual sale, Amazon also releases various deals throughout the Fall months leading up to the new year. 

The Amazon Black Friday sale is a deals event that takes place on November 24-25. Prior to the sale, you (or family and friends) can go to Amazon and prepare for the holidays and create Amazon Wish Lists, choosing the best deals from top brands. You can create a shopping list for yourself, a wish list for those shopping for you, or even a wedding or baby registry by using Amazon’s list services.

Amazon is different from other Black Friday retailers because it doesn’t have a traditional Black Friday ad ahead of time. Instead of releasing a print ad with all the deals, Amazon tends to release new deals every hour the week leading up to Black Friday. 

While this process can make it more challenging to plan your Black Friday shopping, the number of deals and deep discounts during the Amazon Black Friday sale more than makes up for it.

Preparing your shopping lists ahead of time within your Amazon account will ensure you are poised to purchase when Amazon releases a deal on one of your targeted items.

Consider following your favorite items or brands, like Air Oasis, on Amazon so that you are alerted if they have a key product on sale. 

To follow a brand, search for the name in the Amazon search bar. Once on the brand page, click “+Follow” under the brand name on the upper left to follow the brand. 

On the Air Oasis page, you can search different Air Oasis products, review product ratings, share items with friends and family, or easily add items to your lists or cart.

Air Purifiers on Google

Did you know that you can also use Google shopping to shop Black Friday sales? With Google shopping, you can buy directly on Google, see deals, sort by brand, and get access to special offers. 

Google Shopping applies Google’s search technology to help you find and research products from online stores across the web. Unless otherwise indicated, products and sales on Google Shopping are ranked based on relevance, including your search terms and your other Google activity. Google uses some of its ad data to improve the quality of your search results.

While Google doesn’t have a Black Friday sale, the Google Shopping platform helps compare Black Friday deals across different online retailers. The Google Shopping console will assist you in comparing prices across the internet on any particular product — all with a few clicks. 

Keep in mind, unless you are shopping in incognito mode, you run the risk of viewing inflated prices if you are repeatedly searching for similar items. The best option in terms of pricing is always to Google a product and then go directly to the company’s website to find the best and most current pricing, compare models, and make your purchase. 

Air Purifier Black Friday Deals

For the larger items on your shopping list this year — like air purifiers — Black Friday is a great time to look for special deals. High-value products at higher price points often don’t go on major sale at other times of the year because they’re so valuable. You can usually find the best total discounts during the buying season leading up to the holidays.

To ensure you’re prepared to capitalize on special deals for larger items like air purifiers, there are a few steps you can take leading into this buying season to stay ahead of the game.

How to Prepare for Black Friday Deals

  1. Do your product research ahead of time. Use Amazon, Google shopping, or specific company websites to compare product features, prices, and reviews.
  2. Sign up for the company’s email list. If you have your eye on a particular company’s product, go directly to their website and sign-up to receive their emails. This will make sure you’re alerted when they’re having a sale.
  3. Follow the company on social media. Brands often post teasers about an upcoming sale on their social media accounts even before they send out an email blast about an active sale. Following a company on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook is typically the best way to be notified early if they are going to have a sale.
  4. Bookmark the company’s website. In addition to product research, bookmarking a specific company’s website for a product you’re eyeing will save you time and make sure you’re organized to complete your purchase when a sale goes live.
  5. Sign up for company text alerts. Many companies offer a special discount code for 10-15% off if you sign-up to receive text messages from them. Not only can you collect an extra discount, but text messages are also a convenient way to be notified when a sale has started for a brand you’re interested in. 

Air Oasis Black Friday Shopping

On the Air Oasis website, you can shop by concern, shop by model, search and purchase specific replacement parts, or even sign up for our email list to know about our latest deals and sales.

Black Friday Air Purifier Deals

With the convenience of online shopping comes the conundrum of purchasing things you actually need versus those you don’t. We live in an online world with influencers constantly telling you about the next great gadget you must have. 

The truth is, when it comes to the dollars you spend, nothing will enhance your life like investing in your health. Our mission at Air Oasis is to help families breathe better. With our air purifiers (Black Friday or anytime), our goal is to help people mitigate the health effects of dust, mold, allergies, asthma, and more. 

Whether you’re ready to pull the trigger and buy an air purifier on Black Friday — or some other time during the year — our email list is where you can get early and exclusive access to our sales all season long. Click here to receive emails about the latest Air Oasis deals.

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