How to Find the Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

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Furry friends are great, but from scratchy throats to watery eyes, having them in the house can have unfortunate side effects. What if you could alleviate the worst of pet allergy symptoms by purifying the air in your home? That’s the aim of finding the best air purifier for pet allergies, and this article will delineate what to look for.

Why are we helping you find air purifiers for pet allergies? As one of the best air purifying manufacturers in the U.S., the team at Air Oasis is dedicated to helping you breathe cleaner air. You can shop on our site, browse testimonials, and learn why pet-lovers nationwide choose our air purifiers.

Do Air Purifiers Actually Help With Pet Allergies?

First of all, do air purifiers help with pet allergies? The truth is: not all of them do. Some air purifiers use minimal technology and literally circulate the air, only grabbing and removing the largest particles. This may mean it misses the tiny particles that contain pet dander, odor-causing bacteria, or germs. You need to understand why it’s important to get a high-tech air purifier, and that means tracking pet allergies to the source.

Best Pet Allergy Air Purifiers

The best pet allergy air purifiers are going to address the reasons pet allergies are a problem in the first place:

  • Everything that’s outside comes inside. You can hardly ask Fido or Fifi to take off their shoes at the door. So, even though most of us do this for humans, our furry friends track all kinds of dirt, dust, pollen, and even fecal matter into the house. Not ideal. Then, anything that gets tracked in gets swirled into indoor air, potentially polluting it and disseminating all of those little bits and flecks into the air you breathe.
  • Air conditioning systems/HVACs have filters on them - isn’t that enough? Well, the short answer is no. The paper filter on your HVAC is nothing like a high tech HEPA filter, and it really only catches the largest possible particles. You’ll notice when you go to swap it out that it’s probably crusted in dust. That’s just what you can see. There’s a lot you can’t see that’s in the air — especially when it comes to things like animal skin cells, dander, mucus, saliva — and that’s all untouched by an HVAC or furnace filter. You need to bring in more effective air purification if you’re really going to address pet allergies.

Best Air Purifiers for Pets

The best air purifiers for pets go through a multi filtration system. A few processes, working together, are your best bet to clean the air:

  • Activated carbon filters
  • HEPA
  • Advanced ionization

These technologies work together to collect, neutralize, and filter out particles even to the tiniest size. Here are some illustrations of how each technology comes to bat to reduce a particular problem related to pet allergies.

Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Pet Smells?

One of the ways that air purifiers can get rid of pet smells is by dealing with gasses. This is achieved through carbon filters. Activated carbon filters may be your best bet against pet smells, because they filter gasses through activated carbon. As your pet emits various gasses through bodily functions (we’re saying it politely, but you know what we mean: panting, GI functions, even reflux or hairballs), they can be filtered out of the circulating air by passing through an activated carbon filter.

Do HEPA Filters Work for Dog Allergies?

HEPA is currently the gold standard for forced air filtration. A pleated mechanical air filter, HEPA removes particles down to 0.1 microns and is a highly efficient way to remove pet allergens from the air. HEPA filters work for dog allergies by taking all of the airborne particles your dog gives off as it runs, jumps, scratches, and breathes, capturing them so they’re removed from the air you breathe.

Bi-Polar Cold Plasma Ionization for Pet Allergies

In addition to the one-two punch of activated carbon and HEPA, bi-polar cold plasma ionization is an area in which we specialize, and one that can create cleaner air through your whole home. Also known as cold plasma ionization, this technology uses electricity to split water vapor, creating positively and negatively charged ions. The charged ion effect causes airborne particles to draw together, falling from the air and reducing smoke and other components in the air.

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Best Air Purifiers for Cat Allergies

Cats come with a few factors that can exacerbate allergies: hair, dander, and litter boxes. All three of these factors could be the culprit for itching, sneezing, and general irritation. For instance:

  • Cats shed, and even though they self-groom, their saliva itself can emit particles that cause allergic reactions. 
  • As cats scratch and even move around, dead skin cells and dander fall off of their bodies (this is true of any pet, really). These are tiny, lightweight particles that easily become airborne and are inhaled by you and your family.
  • Lastly, litter boxes give off gasses as the moisture in urine or feces evaporates. You don’t want that to stay in the air you’re breathing.

All three of these dynamics are mitigated by multistage air purifiers, like the iAdaptAir® HEPA UV Air Purifier. This leverages the power of all three types of air purification detailed above, and is the best air purifier for pet allergies. You can buy it in the right size for your room and experience a whisper-quiet, fully effective layer of protection against the effects of pet allergies.

Best Air Purifier for Pet Allergies

Ready to enjoy petting, playing with, and snuggling your pet… without worrying about pet allergies? We love the animal members of our families as much as you do, which is why our expertly manufactured air purifiers have been specifically designed to combat the irritants responsible for pet allergies. 

Learn more about how the iAdaptAir® can start working right away, cleaning the air in your home and making everyone — human and animal alike — breathe easier.

Up next: Read a detailed article on Air Purifiers for Allergens, and learn even more about how air purifier technology for pet allergies (and all types of allergies) works!

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